Since the Corporate has emerged as a premium Indian stock consultancy but to have a good customer base, it was essential to have a global appearance. This should only be achieved through an online corporate site that would show the organization as a superior niche in its industry and prove them the pioneers in the launch of new products to increase customer profitability to provide their clients with wide ranging, secured and finest financial solutions to achieve sustainable growth.


The running site of the corporate is the finest model to provide the entire services relevant to the share markets and to be updated of the latest trends to buy/sell shares. The corporate foremost aim was to provide technical analysis to their customers globally through this platform, which seems to be fulfilled. The online platform was incorporated with all such services offered by DreamGrains that would lend a hand for both their customers and the consulting firm to achieve their objectives.

Fullestop developed the site from scratch by fulfilling each requirement of the client that was needed to forecast the regular updates for share markets by implementing features like Markets today, Daily Track Records, and Daily NIFTY Chart etc that helped to engage their regular customers and to generate a good customer base for them. In addition, it emerged as a good E-commerce site in this domain where customers have option to buy different service packages (Stock Cash, Stock Futures, Nifty Futures, Options, Gold/Silver, Base Metals, Agri Commodities, Equity Delivery Pack and Commodity Delivery) to get updated of the current market scenario.
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To embed all the features into the online site that would promote it as the premium Indian stock consultancy firm where users would have various choices to get updated from the share markets, Fullestop faced some implicit challenges:

  • The primary challenge was to create a simple UI that would be fresh, engaging and easily navigable to customers.
  • The secondary was to make the home page to be built-in with eye-catching features (Share Market Daily updates, Daily records of accomplishment, Daily Nifty Charts) that would compel the viewers of same domain to be part of it.
  • Analyzing the requirements that would maintain its existing dignity and enhance its customer base to represent the corporate as one stop shop to find stable and reliable solutions.
  • To implement a solid architecture for an E-commerce site that would create a positive an immersive user experience for visitors to buy various packages to get benefitted in the share market.


  • Implementation of cutting edge technologies that would incorporate new features if needed in the future.
  • To design a creative UI that would show the DreamGrains online mirror image to explore its services to provide their clients with wide ranging, secured and finest financial solutions to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Creation of an E-commerce website that would be one of the most informative sites for visitors to get regular updates regarding share markets and would also work as the revenue generation platform for the stock consulting firm.
  • Addition of third party tools to provide chat feature to submit a ticket or availing customer support.
  • To build a SEO friendly website that would be easily viewable on search engines after doing its proper optimization.


  • A user-friendly interface, a clear intuitive navigation and tantalizing packaging details combined to offer an enjoyable, an easy user experience.
  • Custom cart features including a secure shopping cart enhanced user’s to be part of this online stock consultancy.
  • The site visibility and functional look boosted awareness among the visitors.
  • The online consultancy firm displayed the structured and consistent representation of information.


Target Audience

The corporate is totally known for providing the detailed analysis of share market trends and thus its online presence definitely focuses on global users that are interested to get known of these facts.


Fullestop build a successful niche that is having a professional & sophisticated online presence that fostered consumer’s trust. The corporate became one of the best stock consultancies to give the top advices regarding technical analysis of the share market.

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