Pets have very special place in their owner’s heart. When it comes to pets, people want to buy the best for them; hence the need of a store that showcases the food products and treats for Dogs and Cats. The required online store must provide a full categorized product display with proper contents and ingredients of the food people want to buy.

The store must provide food products for Dogs as well as cats, focusing over the exclusive benefits. Like us, our pets need special care too. So, it’s our responsibility to provide them a nutritional diet which suits them and helps in their growth. There should be a platform where people can look up these foods and shop for them with trust.


Dr. Hahnz is a platform showcasing a well categorized display of Dog and Cat foods, which people can buy at the right price. Fullestop deployed its technical expertise to develop a well formulated Magento-based ecommerce platform. Following are its unique features:

Simple and effective UI

The UI of the website is based on the modern flat and minimal look. The product display and other content are kept very visible and clear. From the design aspect, the website is very appealing and well themed to flaunt an attractive look for the customers.

Out of the box categorization

The website first categorizes the products for Dogs and Cats. Then the further categorization is done on the basis of pet’s age, ingredients, etc. The website is well categorized for the customers to easily find and purchase the perfect food or treat for their pet.

Content Rich

One of the best features of the website is that it is filled with the informative content. It features some of the best content on caring for your pet, what to feed him, what it needs, etc. The ingredients of the featured food products are also mentioned well.
The developed ecommerce store is a unique approach to and an outstanding solution for finding the perfect food for your pet, based upon its age, needs and nutrition.
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Following are the challenges Fullestop faced while developing Dr. Hahnz’s ecommerce platform:

  • Creating a minimal UI for the exclusive approach that the website need.
  • Providing a rich content & user experience without compromising the overall look of the website.
  • Working with the architecture of Magento and its management system.
  • Formulating a unique Product Catalogue
  • Development of an interactive UX that helps users to complete their journey of viewing the content & products, selecting product and finally buying the product through integrated payment systems.
  • Developing a basic e-commerce platform integrated with the relevant content for the pet’s food.


Fullestop has developed an appropriately categorized and informative e-commerce platform that is:

  • Simple, fast, and quick e-commerce and CMS for shopping and efficient content display.
  • Provide easy viewing of the products along with providing a soothing look to the UI of the website
  • Helping Gourmet Pet to get to a large amount of food and pet treat sales.
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Robust and minimal


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