The objective was to provide an e-commerce platform for building a fashion jewelry brand that lets the customer’s experiment with style, guilt free. The system would be an online jewellery destination that showcases high quality diamond and silver jewellery with strikingly exquisite designs.

The system would revolutionize jewellery and lifestyle scenario with a firm focus on craftsmanship, quality and user experience. All the available designs on the system would be crafted to perfection with utmost care giving customer the flexibility to view information such as colour or diamond clarity to suit their needs.

Each of the product displayed on the system would be a symbol of perfection providing each and every minute detail that the viewer’s demands in the product.

The system would take careful note of prevailing jewellery trends through customer feedbacks. Users can also make comparison of the jewellery through the system for their satisfaction. The system would contain designs in diamond and silver that suits every mood, budget and occasion.


Jewels wagon is an interactive platform designed and developed by Fullestop to keep customers updated with the latest happenings in the world of stylish jewellery and accessories with the aim of delivering fashion at guilt free prices. The system would make the experience of the customers easier, faster and more convenient. The system would provide a wide range of options and choices in selection of jewellery which fits style, budget and needs of the customer.

The system would let the users to do search for jewellery via categories or keywords. The art piece would be displayed on the system as per customer choice with detailed information. Users can choose the and add them to the cart for ordering them online by making payment through integrated payment gateway.
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Fullestop task was to research best of breed solutions that would meet the client’s needs, determine the best fit solutions and present them with recommended solutions.

Following are the challenges Fullestop faced while developing Jewelswagon Website:

  • Presenting the jewelry products in artistic way to make them look unique
  • Developing an e-commerce platform with intuitive navigation.
  • Providing a secure method for transaction.
  • Working with the architecture of Magento and its management system
  • Using Magento extensions for better functioning in a proper way.


Fullestop has developed a one stop destination that is:

  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Offering an artistic product display
  • Easy to navigate and having visually appealing theme
  • Easy Payment Processing Network
  • Robust and user friendly system


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