The main intent of the client was to build an innovative platform that would connect both locally and globally through various implausible features. The mission of the site was to unite people using innovative technologies and enhance their lives through collaboration and connection. The corporate main aim was to utilize the site with various technologies like video chat technology etc. to connect everyday people with celebrities, mentors and people in their local communities from all around the world. In addition to it the site was to reinvent social media in responsive dais that would be accessible across a wide range of devices (i.e. Desktops, laptops, mobiles, Tablets etc.).


The social site “meetorbit.com” becomes the first online platform with online celebrity auction, dynamic profile videos and video shuffle chat with a galactic planet theme. The digital firm connects and collaborates with friends and the world with live video chat. The global platform revolves around these four planets i.e.
  • MAF – Meet a Friend:
    To connect and collaborate with friends and the world around users with live video chat. One of this planet’s key features is the Profile Video (patent pending). Each profile has a dynamic 3-second video that appears to be a still photo then "comes to life" once a mouse hovers over the picture. This feature promotes a safer online environment as it helps to authenticate the identity of each person on the site. Another significant innovation on this planet is the Video Shuffle Chat. This feature is a video chat that brings ten random people together in one virtual "meeting room". People can sort the people in the room by age, location, and gender then invite one user at a time to a live video chat session.
  • MAM – Meet a Mentor:
    This planet focuses on helping people to advance and improve their lives both personally and professionally through meaningful mentor relationships. Mentors set aside time to chat live online with mentees and share resources and products in the eLibrary online marketplace.
  • MAS – Meet a Star:
    This planet features a patent pending online celebrity auction where people can bid to chat live with celebrities.
  • EF – Exchange Forum:
    This planet is information and content powerhouse comprised of multimedia discussions forums, info graphics, comic strips, articles, and the 12-person IdeaLounge video group chat with a virtual IdeaSwap whiteboard.
Fullestop accomplished the mission by creating a universal and innovative platform that became the most innovative way to meet, connect and collaborate online. Our team faced plenty of challenges to meet the client requirements to innovate all such inimitable features (eLibrary, online shopping, Video shuffle chat, discussion forums, info graphics, comic strips, articles, polls, favorite stars on bids, stars power blog, 12 person video group chat with a virtual IdeaSwap whiteboard etc.) that are not seen till yet in a single social networking platform.
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  • To create the social site from scratch and establish its presence as the universal and innovative platform to meet, connect and collaborate peoples locally and globally.
  • To incorporate all inimitable features in a single platform to become a responsive social site that would be compatible across all devices.
  • Implementing features like Video shuffle chat, favorite stars on bids, stars power blog, 12-person video group chat with a virtual Idea Swap whiteboard was totally a new concept in the social networking and was a challenge to embed them.
  • To establish a strong and memorable social mark, one that would symbolize its theme focus, create visual recognition, and be something vets and users would be curious to be part of it.
  • To generate curiosity amongst audience, so that they feel interested to know more about the same. In addition, increasing the footfall on the landing page, which would eventually lead to increased sales?
  • To design a simple, elegant and usable website having clutter free interface providing users a hassle free browsing experience.
  • To develop the website using scalable web servers to handle enormous load and response efficiently.


  • To analyze the client requirements using wireframes and documents to get proper idea of the whole website before starting development phase.
  • Fullestop went through an exhaustive effort to come up with a new identity that would preserve the brand equity of Meetorbit while modernizing the organization.0T
  • It was critical to provide the right balance of imagery which focused specific market areas to the site visitors.
  • To combine tried – and –true marketing methodologies with innovative approaches that appeal to today’s consumers.
  • To define clear site architecture and create a bold, memorable brand for a positive user experience.
  • Fullestop started exploring the best technologies and researched on integrating them into one single powerful system. Advanced optimization techniques were deployed along with highly refined code and database tricks to achieve a high performance platform for the website.
  • Tested the application in various uses scenarios.


  • The client was very pleased with the result and with the ability to have complete access for inhouse updating on content for instant sales incentives and other information demanding rapid turn-around.
  • Establishes trust - Trust is a fragile commodity that must be earned over time. A strong brand lays the foundation of trust by communicating the significance a company places in its core identity, mission and values.
  • Builds loyalty - Immersing customers in a strong brand identity increases recognition, creates trust and builds loyalty. A consistent brand reinforces a consistent choice by the consumer.
  • Is relevant to the target audience - A company that is truly interested in its customers conveys this through a brand that is based on a solid understanding of their core target audience: their culture, preferences, demographics and needs.
  • The company plans to release a mobile application version of the site after successful launch of the website.
  • The design is fresh and engaging, yet simple to navigate.


Target Audience

The social site was designed to show its presence globally and would focus all end users to become part of this innovative platform.


The site came out to be a major hit after its successful completion and is growing its popularity day by day. Fullestop responded to their clients' needs whenever required and developed a fully featured backend to have proper user management and that met client’s internal business requirements. Overall, we feel that the site has succeeded in meeting the brief and the client's business objectives.

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