The purpose of the website is to provide users a proper vacation planning solution for the exotic Music Festivals of Europe. The website should list Europe’s Music festivals on the basis of their popularity, rates and fame. Moreover, the vacation planning platform must include tickets, flights, executive coach travel and transfers and an experienced and friendly team of staff providing the best customer service to the users.

The other goal of the website is to provide financial protection for all the holiday expenses done via the website. All the transactions must be certified to offer optimum security. On the whole, the website must formulate the festival holiday according to the requirements of the user so that their trip may become according to their liking, affordable, secure, planned, and most of all, enjoyable.


Fullestop developed a holiday travel planning solution for the users interested in the Music Festivals in Europe. The website is a robust platform for putting your requirements, selecting the Music festival you are interested in, and planning your whole vacation. The website provides planning for the following parts of your vacation:
  • Tickets
  • Flights
  • Accommodation, etc

We understand that planning a vacation could be a bit risky; security comes first in the mind of users, so we offer them financial protection by ATOL scheme. The transactions on the website are also secure, so that users could experience a peaceful travel filled with fun and enjoyment. The other features of the website are:

  • Listing of Featured Music Festivals
  • Explanations of the listed festivals
  • Blogs
  • Facility to build your own holiday
  • Tweet
  • Share
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The main challenges faced by Fullestop are:

  • Migrating all of the relevant data from the old website which was running already
  • To come up with a solution that was unique and effective in taking user’s requirements, and helping them plan their vacation
  • Dynamic posting of the recommendations and popular Music Festivals of Europe
  • Developing a user friendly interface with nice design and fluid user experience.
  • Working on several optimization techniques to channel large amount of data into the database and fetching it.
  • Testing the application in various user scenarios for traffic handling.


  • To analyze the client requirements using wireframes and documents to get proper idea of the whole website before starting development phase.
  • Fullestop went through an exhaustive effort to come up with a new identity that would preserve the brand equity of Meetorbit while modernizing the organization.0T
  • It was critical to provide the right balance of imagery which focused specific market areas to the site visitors.
  • To combine tried – and –true marketing methodologies with innovative approaches that appeal to today’s consumers.
  • To define clear site architecture and create a bold, memorable brand for a positive user experience.
  • Fullestop started exploring the best technologies and researched on integrating them into one single powerful system. Advanced optimization techniques were deployed along with highly refined code and database tricks to achieve a high performance platform for the website.
  • Tested the application in various uses scenarios.


  • The client was very pleased with the result and with the ability to have complete access for inhouse updating on content for instant sales incentives and other information demanding rapid turn-around.
  • Establishes trust - Trust is a fragile commodity that must be earned over time. A strong brand lays the foundation of trust by communicating the significance a company places in its core identity, mission and values.
  • Builds loyalty - Immersing customers in a strong brand identity increases recognition, creates trust and builds loyalty. A consistent brand reinforces a consistent choice by the consumer.
  • Is relevant to the target audience - A company that is truly interested in its customers conveys this through a brand that is based on a solid understanding of their core target audience: their culture, preferences, demographics and needs.
  • The company plans to release a mobile application version of the site after successful launch of the website.
  • The design is fresh and engaging, yet simple to navigate.


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