The objective of the website is to book eligible photography professionals for user specified occasions and dates. Fullestop focused on developing a simpler solution for this purpose. A solution that is optimum for displaying the eligible professionals for photography, according to the dates specified; and then user could select them according to his budget and needs.

The system should search and list photographers according to the area, and at the same time matching the occasion and date. Finally, users could get their moments captured at an easy, effective and faster way.


Fullestop developed a solution that is easy and quick to resolve the problem of finding the right photography professional for the various occasions of users. PhotoFair is a Service Marketplace, offering the photography services according to the requirements of the users. It lists the professionals according to:
  • Occasion
  • Your location
  • Date of Occasion
Once the users get the list of the professionals, they could decide whosoever they want to go with, based on their budget and liking. PhotoFair makes the tedious process of finding the write individuals for user’s need, simpler and faster.
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These are the challenges Fullestop came across while developing PhotoFair:

  • Developing a solution from just an idea, and implementing the logics in the right place to get the website together.
  • Fullestop had to develop a solution that was unique and very useful for analysing the eligible professionals.
  • Fetching the data from the database faster and dynamically.
  • Developing a user friendly interface with nice design and fluid user experience.
  • Working on several optimization techniques to channel large amount of data.
  • Testing the application in various user scenarios and traffic handling.


Fullestop has developed a website that is:

  • Secure in nature, offering quick and easy listing of services
  • Effectively collecting user requirements and fabricating an efficient list of individuals for their needs
  • Quick in operation with fluid transitions
  • Robust and having a user friendly UI


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