The Back Story

A great way to allow people to look for the best available hangout places and restaurants is to avail them with a consolidated menu directory enlisting the best places around. ‘Takeoutking’ is one such initiative which acts as a complete inventory of the top restaurants in Calgary, Canada. The application is available both on iPhone and Android platforms complemented with an elegant website.

The application uses the user’s phone location to detect the latitude and longtitude of their current position and correspondingly fetches and displays various restaurants in the region. The users are also provided with the ability to search for their desired places on the basis of parameters like restaurant name, Cuisine, Location and the Radius. Option to view a restaurant’s menu and provide a feedback (rating and review) for any restaurant is also availed to the users. A call option is provided which allows the users to directly call the respective restaurant to make bookings.

Hence, the application works as user friendly takeout and delivery menu web directory allowing the users to quickly go through the restaurants around.


‘Takeoutking’ primarily targets the Smartphone users who wish to have a quick glance at the best restaurants available around them. The aim was to create such a delivery menu directory where people can go through all the eating places as per their current location and call to make bookings for delivery and takeout. This had to be executed by capturing all the restaurants in the city limits of Calgary and consolidate all of them into a one menu directory providing complete information of the restaurant location and menu to the uses at a single place.


Takeoutking is an easy-to-use application that lets the users to search the top restaurants around them. The search can be performed on the basis of restaurant name, cuisine type, or location. This saves the users from the surplus pain of keeping a big directory book at their home or maintaining multiple copies of restaurant menus whenever they need to place an order for takeout or delivery. Additionally, Takeout King offers an efficient search by user’s current location so that they can find new restaurants filtered out regardless of their location.
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  • Integrated Google location API (GPS) for detection of the precise latitude and longitude of the user’s location.
  • Built the application’s website on a responsive (bootstrap) design allowing the mobile users to competently view the complete takeout information (any device screen - tabs) giving a look and feel of browsing through an application.
  • Developed a common web panel for the applications: A common web admin panel allows for the competent management of the application for both android and iPhone applications.
  • Efficiently managed and synced the applications with the web panel so as to keep up with the constantly updated information of the existing restaurant menus and the new ones. For attaining this, bespoke functionalities were embedded in the database structure for efficient management of the backend.
  • The UI was designed keeping in mind the easiness of user journey through out the application. The website is elegant enrolling all the information in a single page with a responsive layout.
  • Improvised easy-to-use search filters letting the users to easily find dining options using any combination of restaurant name, cuisine type, current location and radius.
  • Captured user-interest statistics for restaurants by implementing an explicit Rating and review system allowing users to rate and/or review restaurants.


The application presents a compilation of more than 600 restaurants and their menus in Calgary town each of which is just a click away.


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