The corporate was in search of web dais that would reflect the branding of one of the best watch giant manufacturers. Timex watches changed the way the world looks at the time control. Thus, the giant was in need to give a web presence for the Poland users to experience them the quality of their manufactured products. The main aim behind this was to acquire the whole market of the same domain. The Fullestop took this initiative to promote the brand on the web and analyzed the overall requirements.


To have a competitive being, the new site offers to its potential customers related content, including comprehensive list of Services, product List, neat info graphics, slides and search watch to makes it easier for clients knowing about the services available very closely.

Fullestop thoroughly analyzed the entire concept to design and develop the website keeping in mind the business needs as well as the creative gist of designing the brand look for watch giant manufacturer. We intended to provide consumers a taste of international quality to make the task easier for corporate to achieve their objective.
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  • Very importantly, the site needed to fundamentally reflect the ethos and exclusivity of the brand, and to demonstrate and reinforce Timex watches appeal.
  • The site also of course needed to allow users to buy the products. Other core-required functionality was that the site would be editable and content managed.
  • Clear use of right corporate branding colors to represent Brand Asset Protection services.
  • While the site's design was clearly important to meet the company's business objectives, the functionality and ongoing web development would drive the site forward to respond to the users and site owner's needs.


  • Fullestop Team40T has delivered an integrated campaign from brand guidelines, product ideas, promotional items, trade and consumer.
  • The team had a clear vision of the brand and the design that would help the client to work well on the web.
  • Fullestop started exploring the best technologies and researched on integrating them into one single powerful system. Advanced optimization techniques were deployed along with highly refined code and database tricks to achieve a high performance dais for the website.
  • Completion of core part of the project was followed by testing of the application in various scenarios.
  • Social plugins were provided to make the site more popular and flourishing like Facebook.


  • The newly developed site clearly reflects the Timex brand with the new corporate identity. The increased functionality enabled clients to better serve their customers by making their time spent on the site to be more productive and efficient.
  • The new website relationship between design and product created an engaging experience for the user while reinforcing TIMEX as a credible industry leader in the watch manufacturers.
  • The final design is clutter-free, reinforcing the brand identity of simplicity and elegance.


Target Audience

The main intend towards launching the site was to enhance the attention of users residing in Poland and to reinforce Timex watches appeal to lead the market around them.


The site came out to be a professional and memorable brand identity. Overall the site has succeeded in meeting the brief and the client's business objectives.

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