Big Data Analytics & Predictions; How Will Companies Utilize these Platforms?

Big Data Analytics & Predictions; How Will Companies Utilize these Platforms?
September 20 2016

Big data services are continuously reinventing and giving emerging & established entities in the private and public sector domain like; industries, corporations, business houses as well as government to government interactions insights into valuable streams of information from intelligence gathering and sharing, customer buying habits to catalog status. Internal data streams only give limited position especially with growth of digital business.
These are some obvious and out of the basket outlook based on present trends in 2016 that will spill over in 2017 with big data’s information ability to change and transform business process over the next few years.

Reinvention, Digitalization / Elimination of 80% of Business Processes and Products

Increasingly, information is being used to reinvent, digitalize or eliminate 80% of business processes and products. The presence of the Internet of Things (IoT) in connected devices, sensors and smart machines is growing. This means the ability of things to produce fresh real-time information and actively engage in the industry value stream is also predicted to increase and grow.
Most customers, employees and citizens of countries will become engaged principally through digital means. Since the operational process is getting more digitalized, traditional analogue and manual process is becoming automated together with physical and human parts. Major results are getting algorithmic when seen from automated judgment.

This essentially means things turn agents for themselves, for people and for businesses, for instance; car alerts, emergency services and insurance companies. This constant connectivity, communications and intelligence of things will make them agents for services presently asked for and given using human intervention.

2017 promises an even better focus on streaming technologies with the formulation of streaming data strategies for the upcoming year.

Galvanized Internet of Things

Internet of Things is already a reality with growing adoption and penetration as organizations are seeking to establish optimized database solutions for an emergent variety of IoT data types. It sounds expedient yet it is driven by the need to ensure managing mixed data is operationally feasible and manageable. The Industrial Internet of Things is deeply interrupting the asset intelligence industry. IoT technology isn’t fully uniform and this causes barriers to entry for the data centre. The IoT industry this year is seeing competition as platforms strive for supremacy. It is hoped the data centres invasion may come in 2017.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a major prediction in 2016 as Machine learning is hugely reducing time spent analyzing and escalating events among organizations. Machines automate parts of jobs, not entire jobs.

AI is significantly changing the business models of companies today in major ways. Companies that aren’t profitable and have large data sets may turn valuable and become attractive acquisition targets. If companies got gold in patent portfolios earlier, they could discover more in data sets, as other companies acquire them to expand their efforts in AI, ML and predictive modelling.

Predictions revolving around the cloud, flash storage and the increasing prominence of the Chief Data Officer are still valid and strengthening for 2017.

Big data analytics and big data management solutions are functionality, intelligence, manageability and stability. This indicates customers will demand basic big data and analytics functionality to be part of their technology solutions and needs going, forwards.

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