Big Data and Advertising Technology: What Makes them a Perfect Match?

Big Data and Advertising Technology: What Makes them a Perfect Match?
June 10 2016

What is Big Data and Advertising Technology? How do big data and advertising technology find resonance and mutuality of Purpose? Advertising technology are the various kinds of analytics and digital tools applied in the context of advertising. It consists of several extensive and multifaceted streams applied to direct advertising to target individuals and niche audiences. These may include; digital banner ads or direct email for example. Online advertising has undergone lots of innovation compared to traditional ad campaigns. Therefore, as a result, being data-driven, based on information drawn from internet users activity about consumer preferences, website popularity and clicks per ad.

Advertising technology empowers organizations to place focus and give preference to specific target groups or individuals. Big data adapts analytics and summarizes user data to provide more accurate targeting. Algorithms that predict user behavior, understand their likes and dislikes, and provide adverts accordingly are defined as algorithms for big data. At big data analytics India, as online marketing and advertising evolve, so do the algorithms and analytics available for publishers.

How do big data and advertising technology find resonance and mutuality of Purpose?

  1. Pinpoint Advertising and Accuracy for the Right Target Audiences; in other words, more advertisers use advertising technology to spend rising amounts per ad to get accurate goals on users that benefit from their adverts. Whereas with big data, publishers earn more by display of ads, while advertisers benefit by applying accurate analytic and algorithm based ads that applied to target niche target audiences.

  2. Increased Spending on Advertising Technology; advertising technology firms jointly invest huge sums into big data with the hope of working on highly precise analytics and ad algorithms. Their intention is to make extremely adaptable ads that not only target the niche audiences, but also provide adverts timely answers at the most appropriate timings.

  3. Perfect Synchrony of Advertising Technology and Big Data Plans; advertiser’s wish to see or have all their ads displayed to target or niche audiences which can benefit from and appreciate seeing the ads in question. With big data, advertising technology businesses are capable of getting incredibly close to their ambitions.

  4. Big Data and Advertising Technology are Profile Driven Analytics Tools; to offer the best niche services both big data and advertising technology depend on proper deciphering of the numbers, segments and implications of collected data to make any impact. Numbers are critical to making any sense or interpretation of collected data.

For big data application development India, there is a great convergence of two analytics and algorithm driven tools that have transformed, continuously change and shift the face of modern online advertising. Big data and advertising technology find a lot of common ground in transforming targeted ads online.

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