Designing UX for the Millennials

Designing UX for the Millennials
March 23 2016

Millennials, are growing up and it is estimated that in coming years their purchasing power will be worth $200 billion. This is not a number which you can ignore so easily, right? With so much power and cash in hand it is no wonder that many web design communities are focusing their attention on how to design their sites for the millennials. Since this is the generation which is born and raised with technology it gives them a sort of unique advantage as compared to the rest of the generations. Ideally, the design should considerations should be unique to this generation because they specifically like to do things their own way. So, below are some important factors to keep in mind when designing for millennials.

Mobile based

Designers who wish to attract the millennial generation should go with the mobile-first approach. Just making the site mobile compatible is not enough they also need to make sure that everything is being displayed seamlessly on these tiny devices. With smartphones in hand, more than 80% of millennials use them to access various sites on regular basis as compared to other demographics.
The following points will help you in constituting a good mobile design strategy:

  1. Core content of the site for desktop and mobile design must be the same.

  2. Optimize for mobile by making sure that site is tap and swipe-friendly.

  3. Focus on defining the grid breakpoints for mobile.

  4. Make sure that page loads quickly on mobile to keep the users from leaving the site.

Give emphasis on user experience

For obvious reasons mobile user interaction has to be awesome if it’s going to retain millennial users. With so many similar sites out there they will switch to another if the site is not optimized for the best experience and has glitches in it. As they spend most of their time on mobile it is necessary to provide them with second to none user experience with the best optimized UX.
Start by optimizing the site navigation by cutting all the unnecessary elements so that navigating the site becomes easier. Also, keep the design minimalistic so that they can accomplish what they want with the least amount of distraction. This will help in reducing the cognitive load and they will accomplish what they want to by performing a minimum number of steps.

Provide self service solutions

Designing UX

Since they were raised with the technology they expect customer service to be as easy as tweeting or pressing a simple call to action button. This means providing customer service solutions as a self-service approach by cutting all hassle of interacting with a live person either by making a call or engaging in live chat.
This self-help customer service is generally designed in form of faqs and self-help tutorials. This generation likes to solve their problems on their own rather than depending on some third person for helping them out. Another great way is to add some video tutorials related to the topics which may be hard to understand otherwise. Such efficiency and control are very much appreciated in the millennial community.