Marketers: Sometimes Saying “NO” is Better

April 21 2015

As we know for each organisation, Sales/Marketing department is a vital organ for its success. Marketing has got number of factors involved and so it is important for marketers to be open minded in order to understand the consumer mind-set along with the market trends in order to make the product successful.

The First Step: Eliminate!

The first step is to have option of elimination. Generally, people do have fear of guilt or feel that if they say no to something they will lose the people around them or will miss out on the opportunity. Thus, time management nowadays has become a more of emotional decision, instead of being a logical decision.

What to adopt and what not?

In today’s era, advancements in every domain be it technology, medicine etc. are taking place at a rapid rate. As a result of this, the individual ought to think that now he/she has to adopt this technology or will have to adopt this methodology in his/her work. But the individual has to take a wise decision at this time; he should look to employ those methodologies by which he/she can get direct results. But now the question arises as to how to come to a conclusion about which one the individual should adopt. In order to choose the right option, one has to experiment and test for a period of time but if that doesn’t work out, individual shouldn’t be demoralised and have to be brave in saying “NO”.

Marketers Sometimes Saying “NO” is Better

So, if you are not saying “NO” to things consciously, then you might end up saying “No” to things that matters. Hence, Saying “No” and “Yes” should be done consciously.

Listen to the social media

Another thing that needs to be kept in the mind is the listening to the social media events. It is a good practice for an individual to listen more and more which increases the awareness along with the market trends.

The same methodology has been adopted by a number of organisations in the form of feedbacks. We can see along with the products organisation started giving feedback form to get the customer opinion about the product, what more customers is looking for. This is the only way the organisation can stand out in the competition.

Marketers should able to make the hardest decisions to in order to have high results. As the saying goes “To have Prize Flowers, you must not afraid in cutting out some branches.” It is always better to couple the research with the real life experiments.

Make out what’s working and what not

Along with all the points, the marketers also need to have fair idea about the metrics to analyse the data which help him to formulate the strategies and develop reports to have a better understanding about the market which will help the organization to look out which things are working out and which are not.

Though this post doesn’t cover all the points of marketing but yes it has some of the most important aspects covered which the marketers need to keep a tab on to have a higher success ratio for their organisation’s product. Always go through Fullestop blogs every time.

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