7 effective ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment

7 effective ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment
July 21 2017

Shopping cart abandonment is a reality of today’s E-commerce industry. It is said to be close to 60% in this field. Basically, it happens when shoppers put items in their online shopping carts but leave them before completing the purchase. Thus, it is simply a loss of revenue and a reason for stress to retailers. To overcome this, here are some easy and practical solutions for your online business website.

Offer free shipping

It is the biggest incentive for customers to shop from you. The last few pennies paid by them for shipping is always very painful for them. A study has revealed that 44% of online shoppers abandon their carts because of the shipping charges are taken by them. A site which offers free shipping and makes it visible from the starting has happy and loyal customers.

Eliminate surprise costs

When customers like free shipping so much, they also like that all the costs of their purchased product are simply clear to them from the starting. Any additional variable charges like sales tax, customisation charge, cost on returning or any such extra thing declared at the end of purchase process can really turn off the customer.

Ensure visibility of cart

This is another very easy trick to cease shopping cart abandonment. Yes, when the cart will always be visible to the customers, it will keep reminding them that they have selected these number of items and need to pay for them. An Amazon cart icon is a perfect example of it because otherwise, it gets very frustrating for the customers to keep backtracking to see what all they have picked.

Keep the check out process simple

It is really frustrating for a customer to go through five different pages before completing the purchase. The check out process should be streamlined so that customers easily and happily get away with it. For example, a designing website, Dribble simply requires an email address, card information and a click on ‘pay’ button to complete the purchases. It also offers ‘Remember me’ button on the check out screen which actually prevents the regular customers in entering the information second time.

Offer a variety of payment options

Every customer prefers a different way of making payment and therefore it becomes essential to offer a wide variety of payment options to the customers. This variety generally includes debit and credit card options, like MasterCard, Visa, American Express etc. Paypal is another safest and in trend option. Even COD is still popular amongst the crowd who believe in receiving the parcel and then making payment.

Make getting in touch easy

It is very important nowadays as a slight unanswered situation of a customer, and he turns to your competitor. An easy navigation of them to a FAQ page or an option of a Live chat can really make them feel satisfied.

Implement exit-intent popups

Well, this is something new in the basket. It can be installed on any page and mainly sends a pop a message when the user is about to leave the page. This message presents more information or offers a lucrative deal which makes the user stay on the site. Thus, stopping shopping cart abandonment is neither that difficult nor expensive. It is just a better and clever way of doing online business.