Big Data: Is it your Solution to Improve the Customer Service?

December 04 2015

It is customary for any organization indulge in customer service to receive lot of complaints, enquiries and feedbacks on daily basis. This provides large number of opportunities to interact with the customer and record the data which could be vital when one wants to improve the customer service. But, unfortunately there are very few organizations which use this immense data to improve, what they deliver. In worst case many of these organizations don't even know how to use this raw data.

Big Data Is it your Solution to Improve the Customer Service

Below we will discuss how these organizations can use big data to their advantage in order to understand the needs of the customer better.

Big Data

Now a day’s information is floating around the web more than ever and Big Data is making very clever and extraordinary use of this information. Big Data does not necessarily deal with the terabytes or petabytes of information but rather it deals with large amount data sets which are large, complex and difficult to process using the conventional database management system and unstructured data form the largest part of this unorganized complex set.

Big Data with Hadoop

For organizations to take decisions based on facts they need lots of data and the bigger the data, the more probability of an accurate decision. In today’s world data is no problem because huge amount of data flows through the veins of the internet everyday what we need is a mechanism which cannot only store the data but can also process it to give some insight and this is where Hadoop comes into scenario. Hadoop has a great appetite for all kinds of data can process them to help you make fact-based decisions.

Hadoop framework has a large built-in tool set which include tools like MapReduce, NoSQL, Cassandra and together they are capable of processing large volumes of data.

Major companies dependent on Hadoop

Below is the list of organizations which have adopted Hadoop as an integral part of their workforce.

  1. Yahoo
  2. Adobe
  3. Intel
  4. Amazon web services
  5. Amplab and many more.

These are just some very famous names and there are lots of other companies dependent on Hadoop capabilities for making informed decisions. These names show that Hadoop is not limited to only single domain but is implemented effectively across various sectors.

How customer experience can be improved with Big Data?

Big data management is out there to help the marketers to understand their customers better. It not only important to gain new customers but it is equally important to retain the existing customers as well and this target can only be achieved if one understands their customers, their needs, their sentiments and their expectations.

Today transaction data needs to be combined with some other data in order to improve the customer experience and to gain some insights. The transaction data when combined with the other data such as from social media, location, whether you enter the world of Big Data. Alone data sets are not as informative it is only when different data sets begin to intersect you as a marketer begin to gain valuable insights regarding the customer.

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Such data is capable of giving you clear picture of the customer’s habits, preferences and their interaction with the company which is then analyzed in order to predict the behavior of the customers.

YouTube, Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay are some companies which uses big data for the prediction.

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