Convert Facebook Users into buyers on Shopping Stores

Convert Facebook Users into buyers on Shopping Stores
May 26 2017

With more than 1.5 billion registered users and a continuously growing figure, Facebook becomes the one space where an individual spends the maximum of his digital life. The platform has given a contemporary meaning of bonding with people and this art has been very well used by marketers to convert Facebook users into buyers of their products. Facebook is a platform where people willingly share their information and considering this fact, more than 2.5 million websites have been integrated with it.

There are thousands of pages on Facebook where people are selling their products directly to their fans but we do not recommend it as the best marketing strategy. Here, you completely depend on Facebook for sales while the right way should be to use the power of Facebook to call people on your e-commerce sites. This results in an increase in sales. Here are some ways how to convert Facebook users into buyers on your e-site.

Content is always influential:

Content is the key to success on the online front. It’s your words which attract the people here. Unlike big articles and blogs, Facebook content is all about crisp and creative messages. The messages catch the reader’s attention immediately and give them the required information in the briefest way. Above all the post should provide users with value and attract them towards you. Always keep an eye on the content of your competitor. Never copy from there but you can take an idea and work better on it to increase your likes and sales.

Use engaging descriptions:

Whenever there are new additions to the stock, you simply share the images of them on your Facebook page without writing anything alluring. This is a mistake you all do. Any engaging 1-2 line description along with your website link really drives more attention. Posts less than 80 characters attract 23% more attention. Posts in the form of questions get more responses. Emoticons increase interest.

Aim for high-quality visual content:

Although we have been talking about content still high-quality visual content deserves a separate mention. Users get more attracted to content like images, infographics, videos, memes etc. and get almost 40% more interaction than compared to simple texts. But, just the video updates won’t do. The best results come from a mixture of text plus image posts or text plus video posts.

Play with contests, deals and special offers:

These little gimmicks have always attracted Facebook users. Rather as many as 35% of users love the idea of participating in online contests. The trick of asking a question and getting a like for yes and a comment for no has always worked on social sites. Coupons and discounts have always created curiosity to visit the store and get privileged treatment. Thus, these small activities really interest people to visit the stores.

Use Facebook advertisements:

The paid Facebook advertisements are the best way to convert your users into buyers. Facebook ads have become simpler to configure and drive much more results than other ways on social platforms. Here, you can target users based on their likes, location, gender etc and tap them easily according to the suitability of your product.

So, the game is on and the game is of engagement. More closely you engage your audience, the more action you will get from them. But remember, your ultimate goal is to route your Facebook fans to your store because it is there where you convert them into paying assets.

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