How to improve your online business bottom line?

September 23 2014

Improving the sales effectiveness of your website is one of the best ways to turn visitors into buyers and generate increased revenue through your online business. But, the question is: What are the ways that can be used to accomplish this? Let’s address the ways one by one.

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Offer a single product or service on home page

If you sell a number of products or services on your website, it’s recommended that you offer fewer products in one place with more copies of the same products. This leads to higher conversion and sales.

Actually, it’s all about focus. Instead of trying to please everyone who comes to your website by offering an ocean of products with minimal or no good detailing about any of them, it’s better to offer just one product so that you can focus on all its benefits and answer all the possible queries and doubts your visitors might have about that particular product.

Add an element of impact to your promotions via hover ads

Pop-ups have always been a very useful online marketing tool for years. They are these small windows that may either contain a special offer or some other information that usually “pop up” when you visit a website. However, because of a percentage of internet users not really liking them, Google, AOL and other search engines developed software to block them. Since this software automatically blocks most of the pop-ups; visitors, sometimes, miss out on valuable information too.

hover ad

Hover ads provide an effective alternative to these pop-ups as they merely behave like pop-ups but are not actually pop-ups and so they don’t get blocked. These ads are really effective as they put important information, such as your opt-in offer or a special discount, right in front of the potential visitors. They can really increase the sales on your website.

Include benefits in your headline

Your headline has a great impact on your visitors and may heavily affect your sales. An excellent headline should highlight a specific problem your target audience faces and showcase the main benefit of your offering in solving that problem.

Display a problem in your copy and explain how your product can solve it

Having mentioned in your headline the problem and its solution, you need to elaborate the fact in more detail in the first few paragraphs of your home page. Once the problem is properly established, you can then introduce your product or service as the solution to that problem. By focusing specifically how your particular product or service can solve the customer’s problem, you’ll definitely see a boost in sales.

Add credibility to your copy and enhance the level of trust

It’s important that your sales copy establishes your credibility. It makes your visitors trust you and feel comfortable enough to purchase from you

One of the best ways to establish credibility is to include the customer testimonials in the sales letter. Secondly, you can add a section in your copy that display your credentials, prior experience or any other background information that proves you qualified enough to solve the target audience’s problem.

Focus on your visitors and not yourself

The key to a successful sales copy is to focus on the reader. Usually, business owners neglect this simple golden rule. So, it’s important that you scan your sales copy carefully and look for references like “I,” “me” or “we”. If the copy is filled with such words, try to replace them with “you” and “your”.


Boost the desirability of your product by including images.

Images make your product look more tangible to your visitors and have proved to be an extremely powerful sales tool so far. You can place the images near the top of the page or near the call to action at the bottom. You can also add images to your order page and see the effects

The above ways are quite beneficial to boost your online sales but it’s recommended that you implement one method at a time. This will help you analyze their effects in a better manner and reap the benefits to the fullest.

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