The Protocols of Social Media Marketing

October 21 2014

Powerful content and an effective social media marketing strategy can help you elevate your audience and customer base in dramatic ways; but beginning without any previous experience or insight could be an arduous task. Hence, it is vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals before giving it a start.


Abiding by the following rules will not only help you maximize your quality and increase online entry points but also build a foundation that will serve your customers and your brand. Let’s get rolling then.


Listen more, Talk less is perhaps the success mantra for social media and content marketing. You should consistently listen to the online chatter of your target audience and join discussions to know what’s important to them. Only then you will be able to create content and spark conversations that add value rather than undesirably stick to their lives.


It’s always better to specialize in one thing rather than take hold of everything. This helps you stay focused and excel in that particular area. A highly-focused marketing strategy intended to build a strong brand owns a better chance of success rather than a broad strategy that attempts to be the king of all.

Quality Rules

Quality always outstand quantity. It’s preferable to have 500 connections who read, share and talk about your content rather than 5,000 connections who disappear right after connecting with you.

Never Lose Patience

It’s impossible to achieve overnight success in the marketing field. You’ll need to wait to achieve the desired results and build an established brand.

The Compound Effect

If you are able to publish quality content that speaks of its nobility and work to build a great online audience, they’ll share it with their own set of audiences on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their own blog sites and more.

This sharing and discussing of your content create a viral effect creating new entry points for search engines like Google. These entry points could grow to hundreds or even thousands of more potential ways for people to find you online.

Leverage the power of Influencers

You should spend time finding the online influencers in your market who have a good audience base and are likely to be interested in your products or services. Connecting with these people and building strong relationships with them may prove to be really beneficial.

Getting on their radar as a genuine and interesting source of information will make them share your content with their own followers. This will put you and your business in front of a huge new online audience.

Deliver Value

You should not spend all of your efforts promoting your products and services. It will make people stop listening to you. Instead, you must try to add value to the conversation.

Rather than focusing on conversions concentrate on creating amazing content and building relationships with online influencers. Those people will prove to be a powerful catalyst for online marketing of your business in the recent future.

Acknowledgment should never be ruled out

Would you ignore anyone who comes to you in person? No!! The same rule applies to the online audience. Building relationships is a very important aspect of social media marketing. So, always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.

Stay Accessible

Don’t publish your content and vanish. Stay available to your audience. This means you need to continually publish fresh content and keep participating in conversations. Online followers are mercurial and they don’t hesitate to change you if you disappear for months or even weeks.

It goes both ways

Others would share and talk about your content only if you do the same for them. Hence, a portion of your time should go into sharing and talking about content published by others.

The above set of protocols will help you devise an effective social media marketing strategy and stay focused on it. No matter what marketing channels you opt for your online success, these rules will make it work better for you.

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