Industries which can upsurge with AI-powered chatbots

Industries which can upsurge with AI-powered chatbots
December 12 2017

Artificial intelligence is dramatically revolutionizing businesses and AI-powered chatbots are one of the best examples of it. Gone are the days when we had to wait for a long mundane music to get our call answered by customer care center or wait for days to receive a reply to our mail. Now, with chatbots, the interactions between customers and companies have become way easy. Through it, you can provide support to your customers wherever and whenever they want. The industries which can really splurge money by deploying this technology are:


An industry in which success is directly related to the speed of your quality services is hotel industry. 24/7 accessibility of one person to guests is must in hotels, then may it be for check-in, booking restaurants or activities areas, room services or answer any kind of query. But with virtual concierge, the need of human concierge is declining. The virtual concierge can handle all the basic questions and amenities reservations 24/7 in without any wait time. It can render services 24/7, freeing the human labor to manage more important issues.


Chatbots have successfully stepped into banking industry where they are used for marketing purposes like sending personalized information as per the interests of the customer about investment, stock, schemes, and etc or communicating them about new products or services launched by banks. People are using these bots in initiating a new payment, reviewing recent transactions, checking the balance of an account, getting reminders of important transactions or locating the ATM nearby.


When you personally can’t assist your customer on an online store, a chatbot can do that for you. An AI-powered chatbot is literally a personalized sale assistant for online stores. It radically optimises the customer experience by analyzing the visitor’s past behavior and purchase history to predict current needs. It constantly supports in your searches, styling, providing information about the shipment, finalizing the purchase and providing a reliable answer to your problems. The chatbots deliver a highly personalized experience, quickly converting the visitor into the buyer.


I have thought a lot before writing this point and I think bots can be crucial in terms of delivering higher personalized customer experience in the aviation industry as well. The bot can answer all frequent questions, facilitate check-in, provide any information regarding flight arrival or delays and coordinate the pickups and drop-offs. The bots can also save customers from considerable trouble by informing them the rescheduled status of flight in advance. Thus, contributing to an overall enhanced superior services.

Beauty salons

Bizarre? Must be, but chatbots are proving to be a useful and fun mean to engage customers here too. By learning about your past preferences, they can recommend you best look, product or cut as per your current demands. They can answer all your regular queries, book the appointment as per your convenience and give you details of all the schemes, discounts or coupons running in the salon.

By integrating bot with simple messaging apps like Facebook ,WhatsApp or Skype, a lot of time and labor is saved. Chatbots not only personalize your customer experience but also helps in building friendly relations with them. The chatbot services can be used 24/7 without making your customers wait, thereby giving an opportunity to businesses to gain loyalty of customers.

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