Java Development

December 17 2012

The security issues with Java are not new, and there has been much discussion about its complexity as well. Recently, it’s reported that developers are losing their interest towards this developing language and attempting to switch to some other platform, like Microsoft’s .Net or something else. So are we going to see a big change in development sector, and Java will be a history soon?

Hold on your breaths, as this is not going to happen soon, at least if we look at some stats. According to Oracle, there are more than 3 billion smart phones and 1.1 billion desktops are running on Java, and there are 930 million Java Runtime Environments being downloaded every single year. According to the ranking of Tiobe Programming Community, Java is second most popular programming language after C. This is another fact that last month Java was on the first position. The language is continuously improving, and Oracle is constantly making some changes into its environment.

Despite of having so many pitfalls, Java is still a very well cherished language by the developers. The best feature of Java is its excellent compatibility with Cloud. Security issue has been a big trouble for Oracle and the company is trying its best to heal it. If we look at other platforms, there is the same security issue associated with them and comparison clearly stats Java is far more secure than those platforms. All these factors are sufficient to provide this programming language with a new life.

The security issue can be easily fixed and keeping the fact in mind even any other platform is not entirely secure, it may hard to believe companies may abandon Java. The biggest reason behind it is that rectifying security issue with Java is far more comfortable and cost effective than switching to other platform. Oracle may add cloud computing and modularity to the new version of Java to improve its performance, but it’s not yet confirmed.

After going through all the discussions, it’s clear the news of imminent death of Java is just a rumor. The language has been a backbone of development sector for a long time and it’s not possible for any organization to instantly abandon it and switch to some other platform. And the recent trends and market stats exhibits that Java is in fact appears to be growing.

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