Keyword Intent Analysis- The Secret Sauce to Finding the Right Keywords

Keyword Intent Analysis- The Secret Sauce to Finding the Right Keywords
January 07 2019

Keyword Intent Analysis is understanding the search intent of customers. With Keyword intent, advertisers can generate intent-driven marketing that will allow them to drive in more traffic to their sites, attract more competent prospects, generate more leads, and eventually increase sale opportunities.

Low Intent Keywords

Basically, there are three types of search queries:-

  1. Informational, which is performed to get answers

  2. Navigational, which includes locating a specific website

  3. Transactional in which searchers buy something

Low-intent keywords are those that are relevant to either informational or navigational searches. When a searcher is looking for some information on a particular topic or searching for a website, he/she is unlikely to make a purchase, therefore they have low commercial intent.

High Intent Keywords

High-intent keywords have a high commercial intent that signifies a strong objective from the searcher’s side to conduct a transaction. Their intent may be to buy a particular product, inquire about a service, or do any other activity that has a strong possibility of generating valuable leads.

Evidently, commercial intent keywords are only useful for transactional searches but when it comes to choosing the right keyword to attract prospective customers, commercial intent keywords are a promising approach.

Types of High Commercial Intent Keywords

Primarily there are two types of high commercial intent keywords:-

  1. Buy Now Keywords

    Buy, deals, discounts, coupons, etc. are some of the popular examples of such keywords. While they are different, their purpose is to convince a possible lead to make a purchase action through additional incentives. Amongst all the before-mentioned keywords, ‘Buy’ is the strongest as it indicates the direct possible intent to buy something.

  2. Product Keywords

    Best, branded search, specific products, comparison, review, product categories, affordable, cheapest, etc. are some of the key examples of Product Keywords. The value of each of these keywords depends on the business nature. For instance, branded and product-specific keywords are quite competitive, but convert effectively.

Why Target High Intent Keywords?

Many marketers  focus on exposure more than reaching out to a targeted audience. While it is an important objective to achieve, projecting the brand to the right demographic is what gets desired results.

Merely targeting keywords without considering the genre of following will fetch results only in high click volumes without any constructive outputs. In the case of PPC campaigns, the result is a quick exhaustion of the preset budget without any favourable return.

With high commercial intent keywords, searchers have a clear path to target without having to throw arrows in the dark. Moreover, Google AdWords, as well as Bing Ads, offer several advertising formats that are ideally suitable with high commercial intent keywords like Shopping Ads that are highly attractive to visitors. Commercially strong keywords can also be quite cost-effective as their click-through rates are strong and they offer reduced rates of wasted spend.

When it comes to PPC campaigns, quality surpasses quantity. By understanding the intent behind the visitor’s searches, it is easier to filter out qualified targets that are committed to making a transaction and formulate an approach to turn them into valuable leads for sales.

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