Top Mobile UI Trends to Follow in 2018

Top Mobile UI Trends to Follow in 2018
November 14 2018

A meaningful user experience allows companies to seamlessly fulfil users' requirements. With the constantly growing demands of mobile application users, companies across the globe are working to build applications that can cater to these dynamic demands. By analysing the UI design trends of the past couple of years, we can predict the new emerging trends of 2018. Below are the top mobile UI design trends that we can expect in 2018.

Content-centric UX

Quality and easy-to-access content is what makes mobile application appealing to the users. Therefore, in 2018 designers have to walk the extra mile to ensure that mobile apps are entirely content-centric. This can be achieved by:-

  1. Decluttering Eliminating the visual clutter and optimizing comprehension is very popular amongst designers. They simply remove the irrelevant information from the screen and emphasis the relevant ones. This helps the user focus on the main message that the app is trying to convey.
  2. Organized Visual Hierarchy Designers should be clear about how UI elements will be presented on the screen. Effective visual signifiers like contrasting colours, overlapping effects, etc. are highly used to direct users to specific information about interactive elements.

Vibrant Colours

Subtle colours had become standard in the normal design paradigm that managed to insinuate various allied design disciplines. This minimalism has allowed the users to recognize clean UX and visual hierarchy. However, the modern mobile designing domain is all about being bold with the design approach. Vibrant hues today make your designs stand out from the crowd and offer the much-required edge in the market. Clear design complemented with vivid colours is the new trend that will accentuate the user’s experience to a whole new level.

3D Animation

With the emergence of new all-screen, broader information, and hardware the delivery capabilities have become significantly profound. Therefore, it is equally important that the user interface come across some constructive changes as well. By customizing the services that mobile apps render through digital products, they can prolifically increase conversion rates. Meaningful animation is an effective way to engage modern users. Animated micro interaction offering context to every process is the primary visual element that triggers amusement.

The Emotional Experience

When it comes to user interface design, it is all about connecting humans and machines which eventually triggers emotions. Today we are witnessing emotional intelligence (EI) being highly integrated into the mobile experience that makes the user experience more engaging and delightful. The trend allows users to interact with digital products the same way, they communicate with each other.

Offline-first Experiences

It is not always necessary that users to have access to interact everywhere. Therefore in order to augment the user experience designers are focusing on making offline usability available to the people. This allows people to seamlessly use the mobile application without worrying about proper internet connection, hence improving the user experience and brand value.

Creating an exceptional UI requires designers to extensively understand what the users are expecting and seamlessly incorporate the solution into the designs. Therefore, it is important that designers stay innovative, understand the growing needs, and stay updated with the latest technological advancement to build distinctive interface time and again.