Magento, nopCommerce or Shopify: Which platform is best for your e-commerce website development?

November 29 2017

Choosing the right platform for your e-commerce website is indeed a complex task, and the reasons are mainly two; firstly with hundreds of pre-built platforms available in this huge eCommerce platform market, it is obviously befuddling for a businessman to choose. Further, the rising competition in commerce realm also puts you in that pressure that you not doing anything wrong here. So, before you start this journey of choosing the platform for your e-business, ask the following questions to yourself.

Is it digital goods or physical goods because the difference comes in terms of shipping costs and etc. Therefore look for a platform which suits your product type.

What size of the stock you want to maintain:- because every platform has a different offering in this regard.

What payment method you would want: - because there are alternative payment options which are offered by sites.

Whether you want a self-hosted version of your store or a hosted solution from them?

Lastly, what is your budget? After this, you will be halfway clear. Now you only need to evaluate the features of available options. Here, we have jotted down some notable features off best three platforms for you.