Interactive Web Solutions for Fashion Industry

December 02 2014

You don't need to be a fashion person to compliment the amazing creativity of the fashion industry. There are many interactive solutions being implemented by the big names and its worth taking a look at them.

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Vital characteristics of a Fashion website

Undoubtedly, photography and video forms the main focus of the fashion websites. This is due to the fact that they look great and they portray the product perfectly. In addition to this, many websites employ bleeding edge techniques to the architecture and navigation.

Designers’ websites evolve quite rapidly; the content is mostly visual and is therefore open to experimentation. It is not so dependent on SEO, and is generally supported by multi-platform publicity.

Interactive solutions for fashion websites

Recently, many inspirational developments took place on fashion websites and in the related techniques of website designing that got reasonable admiration from the critics as well as the audience. These changes provide us with few of the creative solutions that can be implemented on the sites to yield better results. Some of them are given below.

  1. Interactive Experience

    The site should have flawless synchronization with the soundtrack along with a breathtaking color scheme. Moreover, if the site is developed over a fluid layout with an intuitive interface, it allows the user to browse the lookbook with ease. Most importantly, the site should deliver an interactive experience.

  2. Simplistic Interface

    Some sites pay homage to the history of their product with a simplistic interface to allow the user to travel through time. Such websites may also offer a selection of games using API and Web GL. Their mobile version is completely independent and eliminates content not compatible with mobile browsers.

  3. Image-Focused Websites

    Such websites uses stunning images as their fundamental resource for the presentation of their products. Still other websites may play out high quality images to a catchy soundtrack.

  4. Viral Marketing

    Viral marketing is employed by many of the websites these days. These websites display all the content from the video campaign, simultaneously integrating it with the layout of the products.

  5. Dynamic grid

    Some websites are constructed on a fluid layout in which both images from the collection and the news items are presented in a dynamic grid. This is getting quite popular these days.

  6. Enhanced responsiveness

    Few responsive websites use API to tell stories in an interactive and innovative way. This adds creativity and virtual animation to the website. Few websites showed an exquisite example of performance and responsiveness that didn’t got hindered by the use of heavy visual content. This visual content may include collection galleries and lookbooks. The information is mainly represented in grid-format. Responsiveness is implemented via three breakpoints. Mobile navigation is intuitive in spite of the heavy graphic content and performance remains unaffected.

  7. Balance Ingredients

    Some websites took an ambitious step by combining the two ingredients: experiences and sale that rarely go together. As a good news, few have succeeded in balancing.

  8. Fluid layout

    As mentioned above, fluid layout is quite prominent in fashion world. An irregular, random, fluid grid layout with stupendous color scheme, video background and CSS 3D effects makes the website stand out of the crowd.

  9. Parallax Effect

    A deconstructed grid in combination with parallax effect that fuses images with big typefaces takes the aesthetics to a whole new level.

Final Word

There are many interactive solutions like viral marketing, dynamic grid, fluid layout, parallax effect, simplistic interface and others that can be implemented to increase the aesthetical value of the fashion websites. Although, the exact technique employed may vary site to site, all of the websites are more or less interested in enhancing the user experience and interactivity.

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