How to make your web design immersive?

November 13 2014

A website should be designed in a way to spark an emotional connection and make the user feel totally immersed in the environment.

There are many websites that promise to deliver interactive experiences; they intend to inspire the customers, ask them to learn more and share, but as they proceed further they don’t feel rewarded by any of these sites. They simply promise and fail later on.

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So, here are a few tips to make your web design truly immersive and not just superficially.

  1. Gamify the experience Internet is interactive and there is no point of being on the web if you don’t take full advantage of its interactivity. When users visit your website, they expect to get amazed. They don’t want to sit back and stare at the screen. You need to engage them through interactions, typically making them a part of the experience.The best way to add interactivity is through the process of gamification. They provide a means to create a sense of achievement via small challenges. Also, you can guide them through a small, step by step walkthrough. This can greatly improve your work.
  2. Good story countsEvery brand has a story to tell and when transmitted well, it can take the user through an exciting ride of emotions. We just need to make sure that we have a story to tell and when given the chance we are required to make the user feel something and get something out of our work.We should try to get the user involved in a story through an interactive platform. In fact, the need for a story doesn’t just apply to the big productions; it may even be applied to the smaller and purely functional sites. Start-up websites, apps’ promo websites and even the bank sites can tell a story.
  3. Blindly following trends can kill your messageToday, you’ll find a majority of the websites blindly following the current trends. Take flat design for example. People have taken it all the wrong way; you’ll find similar websites all over the web and you can hardly make any difference between an accounting software, a marketing website, or a weather app.One needs to understand that no one’s going to look at their website if it looks like a copy of someone else’s. A somewhat same thing happened with the trend of parallax scrolling. Agency websites, security departments and fashion websites all have adopted this trend regardless of their different spheres.

    While trends help you keep up with the masses of sites being produced out there, they may also kill your message. Your idea of work should come out of your message rather than current trend in the industry.

  4. Reward visitors and reward yourselfReward users that have taken time to visit your site. You need to make it count and make sure that your interactive experience is worthy of the user’s time. Take the possible chances to influence users in one way or the other.Given, the amount of websites a user visits everyday online; you don’t really have much of a chance to create a huge impact on these users. They simply scan a website and get engaged if they find either the content or the functionality useful for them.

    There may be a possibility that your content and functionality are worth engaging, but what if they are not displayed in a way that attracts users. Here comes the web design. If you can’t do it, it’s your failure.

  5. Don’t waste your timeProject schedules are framed by the number of constraints surrounding it. There are many factors that may make a designer give up sooner than later. They may include low budgets, limited time, or limited resources. He/she may become a zombie designer who blindly follows all the orders.One needs to understand that these constraints will fade out through time, but your work won’t. So, don’t ever miss a single chance to make a great project, not only for your users but for you too.

Final Word

The internet has always been an amazing place; a place where you can truly experience, explore and get inspired. We just need to realize our responsibility to keep it that way. Making a website immersive is one way to do that.