Marketing Mobile Applications: Pre-launch and Post-Launch Ideas

Marketing Mobile Applications: Pre-launch and Post-Launch Ideas
March 18 2016

Nowadays, mobile devices are in everybody's hands and the market for them is continuously increasing. Many mobile apps are downloaded on daily basis but unfortunately most of them are never used and some get uninstalled within minutes after the installation process. Great marketing is required if you want people to choose your app because chances are that the app you are designing will face competition from other similar apps which are there for a longer period of time in the market. When the app is first released the download rate remains high for the first couple of weeks but this is a short-lived result and most the times apps ended up getting uninstalled or are never used and updated. These situations are generally the result of marketing efforts which are not strong or not convincing.

To succeed one needs a long-term plan and this plan can very easily be broken into pre-launch and post-launch strategies.

Pre-launch marketing

  1. Start marketing before the launch of the app Once you are done with the concepts and design of the app the next to-do thing on the list should be a marketing strategy. Start thinking about the users and how to encourage them to use your app. Many users search the apps either via the internet or YouTube videos in comparison to the users who search on the app store. So, think about the grounds you are going to cover in your strategy.

  2. Engaging customers To engage the customers your app must meet the needs of the users. They will only download it if they found it productive. So, start getting feedback from the customers during the creation process.

  3. Blogging
    Marketing Mobile Applications
    The blog is a tried and tested way to share information and keep users updated. So, start the blog for the app as soon as you can share all the latest happening about the app. By sharing your experience you will engage the readers and they will think that they are also part of the process.

  4. Teasers Talk all you want to talk about the app but people still want to see a demo. Sneak peeks and teasers are a great way to get customers excited about the upcoming product. App shots and videos will work great.

  5. Press launch kit Before you launch the app the website and blog must be ready and add some videos which highlight the main features of the app. Reach various industry experts for reviews and post them on your site.

  6. Post-launch marketing You launched the app but the work is not yet done.

  7. Feedback In app stores the apps are ranked by the ratings so you need to have a plan to get positive ratings and reviews from the customer. This will increase the chances of more downloads. Don’t just get feedback. Appreciate them for positive reviews and for negative reviews accept them and improve the product.

  8. Optimize the app for the app store Make sure your app is optimized for the search when people search on the app store. Well-researched keywords will help you. Search ads can also be used to their advantage as they improve visibility and drive users to download.

  9. Stand out Make your app unique so that it could stand out from the rest of the apps this means getting creative in design, functionality and marketing strategies.
    App stores are flooded with apps therefore standing out and building an effective market strategy is essential for survival.

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