Turning High Value Customers into Preachers of Your Brand

Turning High Value Customers into Preachers of Your Brand
February 10 2016

Currently for most of the app developers retaining customers is one of the most pressing issues. Not only they want to retain them but also keep them engaged with the apps so that they can become more profitable to them. In saying, the simplest way of retaining the customers is by increasing their lifetime value and making them more loyal and sticky. The aim is to convert all the users who visit the app occasionally into power users. These power user customers are the most loyal and the perfect customers. They engage themselves in doing action which are valuable and profitable to you such opening the app frequently and spending lot of time and money once they enter the app for products. Once your this work is done, the other important task for you is to use these high LTV users in order to attract the other users.

At first it may seem tough but can be achieved and you can successfully turn your valued customers into your brand preachers or evangelists. Developers are already at a loss if they are not leveraging their current customer base to acquire more like them. After browsing through the app store and reading the comments for the apps and upon recommendations from friends and family they download the app. In this article, we will see how and make your loyal users give your business mouth publicity-the best kind of publicity.

Loyalty rewards

Showing your customers that you appreciate them is one of the simplest ways to get good recommendations. If you offer them something for free then in the app world it could either manifest as a good review or a share on the social network and will result in deeper brand engagement.

Your loyalty program will depend upon your target market’s needs and what you know that they will respond to. This loyalty reward program is very popular in e-commerce apps but if you don’t have one then rule out this option yet because you can offer rewards in any form which can be valuable to the customers. For example,

  1. Free trial of the premium account.

  2. Access to some exclusive content for some time.


Incentivized marketing is another powerful way to make the app go viral and increase customer adoption and engagement in the constant viral loop. The method is very popular and is adopted by many because personal endorsements are more valuable and effective than traditional methods.
The best practice for referral marketing is to determine the kind of reward that would make the customer refer to the friend. Also, referrals that give equal benefits to both the referred and invitee work best.

User generated content

You can use user-generated content to attract friends and colleagues. User-generated content means the content which users generate within your app and it is another popular and famous way to grab the attention of their friends and colleagues. You can use a variety of channels where your users can create and share such content but the choice of channel obviously depends on where the users are most active.

For example, if you they are active on social media then you can ask them to tag you in their Instagram post or hashtag on Facebook. Such tags can have viral effects. If a search engine is used most to reach you then you can use your landing page to showcase the user generated content. You can run reward program or competition to encourage users to generate more content and share online.

Customer Service

Customer Service

In the near future customer experience and support will overtake price and product and will become the most important differentiator. Many people go for a particular brand as they feel more sort of connected to it as it is made for them, which is why it is important that one should use all the channels to communicate with the customers and solve their problems. Also, this will allow you to interact more often with the customer and build a deeper relationship.

Respond to the customer query quickly by using the following means:

  1. Social media

  2. App store page

  3. Using the FAQ section in your site

  4. Help desk or virtual assistant

  5. Provide phone no and email for support

Coming towards end

These were some of the tried and tested methods to make your loyal customers advertise your product to the outside world. In this one can be as creative as one wants and it all comes down to knowing one thing and that is customer preferences.

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