Must-Known Web Design Trends and Examples for 2019

Must-Known Web Design Trends and Examples for 2019
March 15 2019

Creating a distinctive virtual identity for the business, the website build an efficient channel of communication between customer and brand. With the growing number of brands hustling to make their prominence in the global marketplace, every entrepreneur is treading that extra mile to reach the zenith of productivity. Websites help in creating an online space for the business and reach out to the target audience in the most efficient way. Simply being online paves way for more opportunities to strengthen brand loyalty among the target audience. Driving the audience into the website and offering them intuitive navigation that leads to generating leads for the business, web design plays a major role in leveraging the prominence of the website.

Web design is basically a synopsis of where the business is standing and where it is heading towards. Although there’s no hard and fast rule or reference for design tactics, staying ahead of the trends further makes it easier to dominate the market as well as the clientele. The new year comes with new innovations and technology, and web design is no different. There are plenty of web design trends that have already or are yet to make their entry into the web world. From typography and video content to voice navigation and micro-interactions, there are numerous trends all set to influence web design trends in 2019. Take a look at the below list of a few web design trends that will definitely create a significant difference in the marketing domain.

Rotating Animations

What is an ideal web design that does not compel the visitors to keep coming back to the website? Tweaking the content and playing with animation has been in trend for quite a long time. Rotating animations is one such intriguing and innovative addition to these trends. Presenting new and innovative brand animations each time the home page is refreshed, the rotating animation design leaves the users to keep coming for more.

Non-Traditional Scrolling

If facts are to be believed, scrolling techniques are one of those designing trends that have witnessed the maximum transformations. As horizontal scrolling has seen many variations, in 2019 we can see some unconventional scrolling techniques, including vertical scrolling. Replacing the traditional horizontal scrolling in the most efficient and innovative way, vertical scrolling not only enhance the intuitiveness of the website but helps in focusing on the important aspects of the website.

Gradient Design

Made an entry to the web design realm in late 2017, gradient design will witness some refined transformations this year. Highlighting the prominent facets of the website in the most comprehensive manner without overlapping the substantial content, graduate design paves way for better appearance and delight to eyes.

UX Driven Diagonal Lines

2018 was the year for geometric themes and this year it would be a notch further with UX. Research has proven that using diagonal lines inspired by UX tends to drive the audience to the website and increase their time spent on the website.

Brimmed with cutting edge features that bespeaks efficiency and competency and boasted with the intuitive navigational specification, web design must induce better user experience that can turn into a potential prospect to the business. Follow the trend and stay in the lead in order to influence the target audience and flourish in the industry.

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