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  • iPhone 5S

    March 26 2013

    Apple’s new iPhone flagship device is on the door and may arrive by end of the June this year. The news is confirmed by the...

  • Windows Apps

    March 22 2013

    The popularity of any platform is described in terms of the number of applications developed for it and how many developers are interested toward it....

  • Google Glass

    March 11 2013

    The latest kid in the technology world is Google Glass, an app that is capable of identifying people with the clothes, eyeglasses or other accessories...

  • Samsung Galaxy S4

    March 07 2013

    So the second consecutive year, Samsung is out in the market with next series of Galaxy flagship device. Just like it did at the launching...

  • Smartphones – After Ten Years

    March 06 2013

    Gone are the days when Smartphones were used to be considered just the big-bros of phones. Now, they are more powerful, more potent and are...

  • IE 10 Release

    March 01 2013

    IE 10 was accessible on Windows 8 till now, but from now it will also be available for Windows 7 users as well. The company...

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