Reasons for B2B Marketers to Embrace Mobile

Reasons for B2B Marketers to Embrace Mobile
March 03 2016

It won't be an exaggeration to say that everyone in tech industry knows about the growth of the mobile device usage. In 2015 Google announced mobile searching exceeding the desktop search on their search engine. Today mobile is no longer only a device but is has become an element which is critical to the success of any marketing strategy. But for B2B what does the increase mobile usage mean specifically. There has been some clouds regarding this point and that's why many B2B companies are slow in adopting the mobile marketing strategies. So, how exactly adopting the mobile marketing strategies will impact the business success of these B2B companies?

Below are the three most critical reasons why B2B marketers should make no more delay in embracing the mobile.

Fundamental marketing metrics are significantly impacted by the mobile

It is now time for the B2B marketers to realize that there are many significant and fundamental risks associated with not having a site which is mobile friendly.
According to a report businesses which lack in providing a solid mobile experience are bound to encounter the following:

  1. Low organic ranking

  2. Mobile site traffic loss

  3. Greater bounce rate

Many B2B marketers don’t realize that providing any less-than-optimal experience is and will jeopardize their fundamental online success metrics which are visibility and website traffic.

Mobile is a necessity for customer engagement

Mobile friendly websites not help in increasing the brand visibility but they also help in increasing the customer loyalty and engagement. Below are some simple facts which today’s consumer expects from the mobile site:

  1. Many, nearly 74 percent are likely to return to the company’s site in future.

  2. More than 40 percent feels frustrated if the company’s site is not mobile friendly.

  3. More than 50 percent are not likely to engage with the company who is lacking the mobile site.

This is not the exhaustive list but the numbers sure are compelling which B2B marketers cannot ignore.

Business buyers are increasingly using the mobile devices to make decisions

Today’s business buyer rely completely on internet whether for research or for business process and almost all of them are using mobile devices to make these decisions or researches. According to recent study:

  1. More than 40 percent of researchers use their mobile devices for B2B purchasing.

  2. With smartphones reaching in every hand, mobile queries have grown by 3times.

  3. B2B researchers are not only using mobile when they are out of office but during the office time they also prefer to use the mobile devices.


Consumer mobile usage has increased significantly and these consumers are the consumers of your business as well and therefore, it is your duty to understand them in order to make the right business critical decisions.

Mobile offers competitive advantage

The importance of mobile cannot be stressed any more than described in the points below:

  1. Mobile experience directly affects the visibility and traffic of the business in other words “The Success”.

  2. In order to engage the prospects it is important to provide them favorable mobile experience.

  3. Buyers prefer to use mobile across all phases of the buying cycle.

Tune your website and analyze the web traffic. If the mobile traffic is not a huge segment for your site today it will become in the coming time. So, take the advantage of mobile friendliness in order to gain the competitive advantage.