Resolving faults in Mobile Friendly Web Design

June 22 2015

Google has recently been trying to find those webmasters who would help their websites become mobile friendly. Google has created a guide that very well outlines the mistakes which are commonly made by the webmasters. Now without a delay we have listed some very common mistakes that right from the masters mouth.

Resolving faults in Mobile Friendly Web Design

Blocking the JavaScript, CSS and IMG files

It is crucial for the googlebots to access JavaScript, CSS and image files. In such cases, indexing becomes highly impossible because googlebot has no access to it just like what happens with the average users. This problem occurs usually when the site has a robot.txt file, which tends to disallow the crawling, which further creates a problem for the indexing. As a result of which your rankings are lowered.

Now the question is that how to fix this problem. Well the solution is that you must use the fetch as Google application, which features in webmaster, tools so that you are able to see how a googlebot comes in use and how it views your content. All these options that you have been given will help you identify and solve out your problems.

Content that is unavailable

What Google wants to see is some videos that are out of reach of the users as it is a very troublesome. Contents are of various types; the flash content does not work on all mobiles and thus causes a content that is unplayable. Fixation: when you use HTML5 tags in the process of animation and use the video in embedding of the playable devices. Google web designer helps to create very well versed HTML5 contents because of its wide range of features.

Redirection of faulty steps

When you have separate mobile URLs, they pressurize you to redirect some mobile users on different desktops and send them to the right mobile URL. Many companies do not perform this action in the way in which it should be carried out.

Fixation: The solution to this problem is not that cumbersome, you must use a responsive web design. It will in some way or the other help you out to a great extent just have a look at the smartphone crawling errors using your webmaster tools and you may simply see if faulty redirects have played their roles.

Interstitials of downloading an app

If there is a native app that you are using for your business; then it is of keen importance that you do not have many issues that you have to index. This happens only when you are promoting an app. You must always make sure of the fact that users continuously view your page content, there access should not be just limited to the large advertisement that you have put up for the application you have developed.

Fixation: You may use a simple and an easy banner for the promotion of your app store; the inline content that you are taking in use. Google recommends the fresh app called smart app banners. This will help you in a ziffi.