The Search War: Who’s really winning it?

June 05 2015

As the Internet continues to spread its roots, the usage of search engines around the globe has also increased proportionally. During the evolution of web search engines, a number of Search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, and Netscape etc. were witnessed, but since the evolution of Google, these engines have been pushed a seat back.

The Search War Who’s really winning it

With the evolution of Google’s (GOOG) formation, Google has emerged as one of the most valuable companies around the world and has established itself as a leader in Web-Search Engine; that’s why it has now also been acclaimed as an industry leader for the same.

Talking about the statistics Google controls more than 50% of the U.S. based search queries which show the Google’s Stranglehold on U.S. Web Search. The company’s success story is not limited to U.S. Google has a strong foothold in various the markets around the world.

Here are some more interesting facts about Google

  • Around 80% of Google users search on Google every day.

  • Google Female users have outnumbered the male users using Google.

  • Average Age Group of Google Users is around 40-45 Yrs.

  • Google also outnumber his opponents in Smartphones penetration.

In the Current Era, Google has developed a brand name for itself. Google is the tour-de-force of the Web Search War. With the presence of big players like Yahoo, Excite how Google has emerged as a dominant force today?

Here are some of the Key features that make Google stand out of from rest of Search Engines in the League.

Focussing on the User

This notion laid the base for the Google about the operation of Google, which is being followed till date. The idea was to give easy access to the relevant information pertaining to their Search queries.

The information could either be piece of article or blog post, just providing the links for the same indicating their relevance and Value.


The strategy that made Google different from other Web Search engines was their Advertisement model. As everybody knows Advertisement is a necessity for Profitably, Knowing the same rule Google never followed the path taken by others. Google started offering text-ads which were separate and unobtrusive from organic results.

The idea of pay-per-click developed pretty earlier but didn’t emerge. Google took up that idea and auctioned pay-per-clicks ads.

What Google done was very different from what others were doing such as the search queries not only reflected what user is looking for but also things they were interested in buying for that Google adopted a mechanism to rate the relevancy of the Ads. Thus a low bid ad has more clicks than it would be ranked higher. Although the idea seems a bit weird but that’s what they adopted and has now become a huge success.


In comparison to other search engines, Google was based on idea of relevancy, it was simply better at connecting users with the consistent and relevant information.

Along with the relevancy, Google concentrated on Speed and accuracy of the search queries. They use PigeonRank Technology with its reliability, trainability and unique capability of recognizing the objects regardless of spatial orientation which enables it to select relevant websites from similar websites just like grey pigeon which can distinguish among items with minute differences.


Like in every aspect, Google here also adopted a completely different approach one was that directing users away from their page to towards the pages returned from the search queries and second was to not including the advertisements, where everyone else is trying to monetize by keeping the user on their page to make more advertisement dollars. This was a very bold move by Google.

Although they later adopted various advertisement strategies to gain profit

Going through the strategies, technology etc., at each step Google tried something different and has been successful at it which made the Google KING OF WEB SEARCH ENGINE and aptly proves the sentence “If you don’t know anything , Just Google; because Google knows everything”

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