Why Your Content May be Killing Your Lead Generation Efforts?

February 23 2015

Product marketing or sales accredit, brands mistakenly creates a gap between what their targeted audience wants and the offers they provide; for example follow-up phone call or a firm analyst report. Achieving Sales and lead experience, both are valuable accessories for a brand to increase its lead generation. Content for achievement in sales should focus on relevant content like getting permission to contact a qualified individual.


Contents that ruin brand’s lead generation

For a top marketing merchant’s mind, most important task is to have a website where visitors become leads and these leads bring new business opportunity to them. As a content marketer, it’s important to learn consumer’s perspective towards the contents you create for your brands. Main motto at the heels of providing contents to your audience is to increase their knowledge and awareness for your brands.

Now the question arises as to when your website starts loosing lead-generation and how can you stop poor performance from your leads; who is the culprit?

The main culprit behind lead generation performing poorly is non-compelling offers. In a rush of pro:

  1. Paid search campaign brands direct their audience to the contact. We form to offer them content that provides a solution search query, which is really a bad idea. Paid search campaign is effective when you have actively searching audience.

  2. Confusing your visitors is kind of providing flexibility to your visitors. It appears to be the best option to have your lead generated, but more often it just ends up confusing them, resulting in leaving your webpage without signing in. Including only one call-to-action on each page of your website encourages visitors to subscribe.

  3. Not giving options on each page – It’s important to ask every visitor who visits your website to subscribe. Providing options like customized designs, colours, layouts, messaging and commenting on every page of your website will increase your leads rate. Not providing important options on each page may frustrate your audience, making them leave your webpage.

  4. Writing one type of content – Blog content attracts new visitors and converts visitors into subscribers. But blogging same type of content doesn’t work. Visual content like video is a best personalized way to connect with your visitors.

Identifying gaps

Best way to identify content gaps is to create a table that takes the lead-generation derive in one column and the offer(s) in another. Highlight options where the offer is not directly relevant to the audience targeted. For example, product features, and on-demand webinars; tend to perform poorly in lead-generation campaigns. Buyer’s experience, buyer’s guide and industry-analyst reports tend to perform well.

Measure the lead-generation campaign table, highlight the underperformers (indicator of content gap); with low click-through rates like below 0.02% and in display campaign below 1% in search campaign or low conversion rates.

Creating new content to fill gaps

After identifying the offers those need to be replaced, find new content based on impression and look for areas with the best opportunity for new qualified lead. Search for the lead-generation campaigns, with the highest click volume because they have the largest influence on performance.

Set priorities in place and pay special attention to targeted options. Like in case of paid search, offers must be relevant to the targeted keywords. Also in audience targeted campaigns, it should be highly relevant to the targeted audience.

Be confident about new content you put to play. It should be favourable and useful to the audience by keeping in mind the buyer’s persona and to maximize offer’s value. Also, it is important to test the compelling content before launching it.

However, as you fill the content gaps, you will have remarkable improvements in conversion rate, click-through rate, and cost per lead. Gains in these can be found to be stable. Identifying content gaps and creating more relevant offers; you can reach your target audience more effectively.

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