Things to know about Gender Online Shopping

August 07 2015

When it comes to shopping it is almost impossible to find the intersection point where men and women can agree upon. Both the genders have unique style and taste in shopping and it is not the thing of yesterday or decades ago, the difference exists from generations. While it is easy for the retailers to set the shelves for the physical shopping they find it hard to optimize the same for the e-commerce store to target the specific gender and here are some things that they must know.

Things to know about Gender Online Shopping


  1. Most men have the tendency to engage in ‘buy online’ and ‘pick up in store’ and the data suggests that it is 45% of men as opposed to the 36% of women but in coming months the data projected that about 42% of women will be interested in the same service.

  2. Men using the service ‘buy online’, ‘pick up in store’ are more likely to purchase the electronic items like iPods, mobiles where as women are more interested in using this service for purchasing the apparels.

Mobile Phone

  1. According to the latest survey men who are the 34% of the mobile phone users are more likely to use the android platform whereas this number is only 27% for the women. For iPhones both genders are at 35% and 23% of women do not use the smartphones at all as opposed to the 23/5 of men.

  2. 26% of women use their text phones to send the text messages as opposed to 15% men and men majorly uses their smartphones to listen the music (9%) whereas only 4% women use their smartphone to listen to the music.

Application on smartphones

  1. It is no surprise that women are more engaged in using the shopping applications for deal sites (14%) where as men are least concerned about this factor when shopping online.

  2. Females are more active in using the online shopping applications which is about 46% where the men only make up 34% of internet user who are active with the online shopping application.

Social Media

  1. New social media technologies like snapchat are more popular with the teenage girls then with the men.

  2. For women Facebook is becoming a major video hub with about 83% females viewing the videos on the social networks.

  3. Platform like Pinterest has assisted 56% of active female users of Pinterest with the purchase of some beauty product at least once or twice.

E-mail marketing

  1. According to the recent survey women are likely to engage with the email content when it is labeled with ‘on sale’ tag (84%) whereas only 78% are interested in such email content.

  2. Men are more interested in emails with recommended products based on the previous purchase (83%) whereas only 73% of women are interested in such emails.

  3. Women are more likely to see the mails recommending the products similar to what they were looking online (not purchased) which is about 72% whereas only 71% of men are interested in such emails.

Coming to the end:

There are many ways in which the online shopping experience can be personalized based on the gender. As the technologies are evolving it will be interesting to see what emerging trends will present themselves in future.