Turning Big Data to Success: Get your hands on the most useful tips

December 15 2015

In hopes of improving the marketing's impact on the business an annual estimate of $50 billion is being spent on Big Data and Analytics. The investment amount clearly shows the hope that organizations have from Big Data and it is playing its role from travel to media industry and everywhere else. In particular search engine companies have hundreds of big data success stories; so, we know that it is only growing stronger by the day.

Turning Big Data to Success Get your hands on the most useful tips

Therefore, below are some tips which will help you to turn Big Data into success.

Good Processing Power

Every organization is collecting data. We are in an era where even a single bit of information is very useful and companies are storing them very safely. But, before you begin to process this data, one needs to have the strong processing power. And by strong processing power, we are not referring to any workstation but to the super computers specifically. Your job is to find it and make sure that you have the required bandwidth, capacity and capability to manage these systems effectively.

Hadoop and warehouse

This may sound weird to you but actually, this combination is good and it works well for many organizations. While warehouses store all the structured data; Hadoop is capable of storing the unstructured data which can be analyzed at some later point in time and can be used. Traditional data warehouses are weaker in analytic processing and this is the strong point of Hadoop and together they are a deadly combo.

Accept changes and Plan for the future

With Big Data it is rather hard to remain confined to the present because data is growing bigger by the second and so is the technology to handle it. Technology today is good but what comes tomorrow will be better. So it is necessary to maintain flexible business intelligence so that you can remain open to new products, methodologies and technologies. In short plan for the long term and adapt to changes as soon as possible.

Store the data but keep it safe

Security should be your top priority when considering putting Big Data in place in your organization. It is the duty of the team to understand the related risks, identify the common attacks and maintain strict security to maintain the same. Whether it is related to encrypting the data, maintaining the security around the store keys or validating the authentic access to the data! Keeping the data safe and securing it should not come as an expensive burden because it all depends on how smartly you build the secure environment around your Big Data.

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Pay attention to the natural instincts

Technology today is high end but it is still nothing compared to the human brain and especially its natural instincts. You can use visual discovery tools to find timely information patterns for detecting flaws and understanding complex patterns. It is also important because each different data requires a different approach.