What are the Significant and Innovative Mobile Apps Development Changes this Year?

What are the Significant and Innovative Mobile Apps Development Changes this Year?
August 04 2016

There are several significant innovations and break through Apps Development changes that promise to make this year 2016, the year of high functional mobile apps. But what stands to make an impact and what remains in the dustbin of obsolescence are hard facts to debate. However, going by emerging indications in innovations so far especially in the app development these few make robust promise on the future in 2016.

Hybrid HTML5 Apps

HTML5 has gained brilliance for uniqueness in app development. Hybrid HTML5 app development has gained force in mobile apps industry. Hybrid HTML5 apps are reliable in enterprise and consumer app development. Hybrid HTML5 is a great app development choice as it’s a sign of futuristic app development. Hybrid HTML5 presently is the sensible option in the most recent frameworks to build apps as its novelty gets interest from mobile app developers.
Hybrid development is evolving fast and to get quality apps, native app development still presents better options.

Futuristic Cross Platforms

Cross platform solutions allow mobile workers to seamlessly move from desktops to mobile devices. There is preference for similar applications having same features, performance and capabilities on divergent devices and platforms. Cross platform app development presents a futuristic assessment of the app trends industry this year.

Age of Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are quite important today from smart watches, fitness devices and other wearable’s connecting with mobile devices. Integration of wearable’s to Smartphone’s and tablets having better apps, interface and performance. Wearable devices market has grown significantly as they grant opportunity for innovation.

Progressive Big Data Visualization

IoT is already operational and provides enterprises future course but the toughest test is accumulated data management since IoT bonds many devices simultaneously. Big data management and visualization tools and solutions are ideal to confront large sets of data. The connected devices send lots of data which may prove worthless minus proper organization.

Limited Platforms

Many apps and platforms allow users to perform single tasks to resolve an issue. But people prefer suite apps with various features and functions. Users want to see everything in one place and that is absolutely a reasonable demand. Apps and platforms are shrinking radically as apps quality improves. This favors the end-user but it is also a challenge for developers as they have to focus on several problems at times to survive in the industry.

Mobile Apps and IoT

IoT is quite new and most companies still have not entirely grasped or have limited working knowledge on how to apply IoT and overall affect or increase bottom lines, sales and business. IoT is futuristic and integrates with almost everything used on a daily basis including mobile devices. Enterprises can relate to certain specific industries like; health-care, energy and automotive sector. These are extensively experimenting on IoT and mobile integration. But there is a deep need to improve backend infrastructure of mobile platforms in an attempt to enhance better communication with all connected devices. Therefore, IoT has an important role and part to play in Mobile App Developmentin the future.

Enhanced Mobile Security

Critical sectors including; banks, hospitals and insurance outlets are always targeted by cyber criminals as they hold vital information and financial benefits. There is need to better security practices and secure apps infrastructure and data and eventually eliminate security liability.

There is no doubt that other changes are equally important, yet these fundamental innovations are pushing and bringing out radical transformation in the way mobile apps are developed in 2016.