Are there Any Significant Benefits in Data Driven Development of Modern Apps?

Are there Any Significant Benefits in Data Driven Development of Modern Apps?
August 05 2016

Thousands of new apps are launched online and while some may find a lucrative start with millions of downloads and customer enthusiasm reaching sky high, others are easily forgotten in the dustbin of history and irrelevance. It could be a variety of factors like User Interface (UI), Functionality, Attractive lay out and so much more. Modern app development is riddled with hits and misses and quite often it’s back to the drawing board to rectify or find out what went wrong. However, understanding why the app is being developed and for what target market outlines some fundamentals.

Exactly, What is the Meaning of Data-Driven App Development? And What are its Benefits?

Data-driven app development is the structure and process to harness data and build apps. This approach significantly widens the scope for success. Though, there are several benefits to using this approach, the fastest, biggest and most reliable route is always analytics. Data-driven app development avails all facts without scrutinizing what’s working or not. Data Analytics provides an in-depth look at the functionalities.

  1. Smart Data Collection: data-driven app development enables faster ways to collect smart data. This means starting or setting up various data points capable of being used to find solutions as well as answers to questions of today or one in the near future as the innovation progresses.

  2. Success Assessment: Data-driven app development brings in good and complete control of ways to assess and measure the level of success. With well-defined standards or benchmarks, the data does the rest of the work.

  3. Actionable Data: collected data freely shared with all who are involved in the development process keeps the fresh stream of analytics open for change.

  4. Proactive Versus Reactive: several times in app development, many developers aren’t adept to detect shortcomings and problems that require urgent solutions in the instant. Most app developers are more prone to a reactive mentality instead of a proactive stance that catches on quicker to emerging flaws and common mistakes. Data-driven development makes it possible to analyze and study what lies in the future as well as reveal potential solutions to fix them before they stretch to become serious challenges and problems. This saves app development teams wastage of energy, time and valuable financial resources.

  5. Bigger Picture: Data gives and enables the ability to comprehend the bigger picture. This is because it reveals and shows comparative trends over longer timeframes. This type of information is vital to ensure applications are always ahead of the curve.

  6. Reveals and Exposes Blunders and Inaccuracies: Data reveals facts and the visibility of logs enhances an up-to-date format. Fundamentally, it shows what is positively working giving an easier assessment of blunders and other inaccuracies. This helps adapt new information or data to bring in fresh perspectives or design changes. There are several benefits as well as stand-out pluses associated with data-driven development. When developers are looking and searching for the best and fastest ways to get ideas to the market, data-driven development is feasible and appropriate.

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