What is the Big Data and Marketing Technology Connection

Marketing technology is reaching and displaying high growth levels at a very fast pace as more optimistic investors bet on its futuristic promise. Many companies globally have become part of the evolving marketing technology, presenting a high level of advancement over the last the last few years.

More to that, increasingly more financial resources spent on online advertising are committed on platforms like Google or facebook. These two huge social media platforms alone have increasingly taken up the largest amount of digital advertising than any other platforms as their penetration and reach is evident.

Comparisons of Marketing Technology in Relation to Advertising Technology
-Money spent on advertising at workplaces doesn’t necessarily come to Google or facebook. It is goes to companies that specialize in marketing technology as opposed to advertising technology.

-The major and distinct difference between marketing technology and advertising technology is the divergent target audiences. Target segments for marketing technology are obvious customers, advertising technology reaches to anonymous audiences.

-Marketing technology is the basis of marketing as it considers search engine optimization, designs, creatives and customer relationship management platforms. Marketing technology is knowing present customers through optimization of present data and information.

-Marketing technology is seen as advanced customer relationship management. The leads are sometimes obvious whereas at other moments they fuzzy and come in the database. Therefore past records behaviors exist easing possibility of customized communications.

-Recent survey of marketing professionals around the world illustrates that marketers in the technology sector are most likely to feel comfortable with implementation of marketing technology.

-Pioneer technology adoption is primary reason why technology marketers sampled are most probable to be working in B2B organizations reckoned as first users of marketing technology. Out of 10 technology marketers sampled work in business to business organizations as opposed to 51% for non-technology marketers.

Big Data and Marketing Technology: Where is the Connection
-Big Data continuously provides marketing technology important inputs as of what content is perfect at every step of sales cycle. This lifts customer relationship management in the end.

-Big Data provides strategic tactics to increase conversion rates from; prospects engagement; revenue and customer lifetime value.
-Big Data enhances access to actionable information (cloud based enterprises) on ways to lessen customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (CLTV) and management of customer-driven metrics important in managing cloud-based business.

Big Data Impact and Influence on Marketing Technology
-Big Data analytics database solutions enable marketing technology companies use large amounts of online streamed data, process and analyze it against years of historical archived data, in near real-time.

-Big Data accelerates visualization performance, giving marketing technology firm’s futuristic technology to influence competitive advantage with regard to buying, optimizing, and following media.

-Patent technology enables faster data analysis on less hardware. This translates cost-effective big data analytics solutions for marketing technology firms.

-Flexible and simple solutions on cloud base, premise or hybrid combinations.Find the most competent and market validated and tested Big Data strategies with big data application development India.