Big Data Initiatives and Cloud Benefits: Going Hand-in-Hand

January 14 2016

Big data analytics and cloud computing without a doubt have become the two most important technologies for entering the mainstream. Now, these two technologies are coming together at every moment for the sole purpose of delivering powerful results and benefits and forward-thinking companies are the one to get the most benefits from the collaboration of these two technologies. By moving the big data analytics operations into the cloud has led to overall increase in efficiency and productivity of the companies and has also helped them in saving time and effort.

Big Data Initiatives and Cloud Benefits Going Hand-in-Hand

Cost cuttings with big data in the cloud

The trend of moving big data into the cloud has its own benefits and this has become a trend in almost every sector. Not only this but, many experts believe that by 2018 almost 30 per cent of the computing workload will run on public clouds. Organizations are keen on shifting the data into the cloud where they harness the power of big data analytics. This move provides some major financial advantages to participating companies and organizations. Performing big data analytics on-premise requires companies to manage their own data centres and other infrastructure which can prove to be a major financial burden on the company. With the cloud all this responsibility shifts to the cloud service provider.

This does not, in any way implies that companies are abandoning their own in-house big data centres but are already reducing their reliance on the resources as they maintain small and efficient data centres and transfer their bulk of load into cloud-hosted environments. Transferring data into the cloud allows them to save money on equipment, cooling machines and security. It also allows them to maintain sensitive data on the premises.

Instant Infrastructure

Another advantage of the cloud-based approach is that it offers the ability to establish the big data infrastructure instantly. Many companies today are being forced to increase their big data capabilities quickly and the cloud offers them solutions at a low cost and helps them to remain competitive in this economy. Cloud provides companies with the infrastructure which otherwise they have to build and maintain from the scratch.

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It is also very important to note that the success of cloud-based big data analytics is dependent on several factors and the most significant of those is the quality and reliability of the cloud service provider. The service provider must combine extensive expertise in both big data and cloud computing technologies and services. Robustness and vast experience are what make cloud-based big data analytics an unbeatable option for companies who are eager to take the advantage of both cutting-edge technologies at once in the same place at a very affordable price.

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