SaaS Impact: Benefits, Productivity and Bottom Line

SaaS Impact: Benefits, Productivity and Bottom Line
February 17 2016

According to a survey in 2015 93 percent of companies small or otherwise are using some form of cloud service, but the question is why? Skipping the generalities of SaaS we will look in this article how it helps an organization rather than what it gives. So, below are five reasons to consider the use of SaaS in 2016.

It changes the way an organization delivers IT services

Strive to become a service provider not a help desk. How many times did you implemented a new system in your organization in the hopes of saving the time only to realize it later that the time you were planning on saving and training employees, that time is being eaten up by the system maintenance. SaaS takes away the hardware acquisition, new system setup and maintenance requirement which leaves you a lot of time to focus on using the system efficiently and you get save a lot of time because you don’t have to fix the end user errors.


With the greater adoption of SaaS in organizations it has become an issue as traditional firewalls and proxies cannot cover all the data everywhere. Even more important is that they are not trained to do this. From here you enter CASB a.k.a. Cloud Access Security Broker. CASB and SaaS platform bring new features which can work with your existing security and beef it up. In this not only traditional firewalls are involved but cloud applications are also involved for the better protection of your organization systems and data.

Elimination of Soft costs

Elimination of Soft costs

60percent of large enterprise projects consists migrations and out these only 60 percent are completed on time. Using SaaS lifts the migration responsibility from organization’s shoulder and put it on the shoulder of service provider. Also, no longer the organization has to deal with the maintenance, planning, training, consulting and monitoring costs and this way an organization can easily focus on its administration and can call it a day.

No blind investments

SaaS offers the PoC ability which enables an organization to run it before buying it and it is nothing like the previous hardware solutions. Under this the organization does not have to buy the new gear and space and can run a trial first to see if the solution is a best fit. This simpley means if the solution is not the best buy then don’t buy it and this ability helps organizations to save lot of money which they may have regretted in the absence of this ability. The best part is, it is like magazine subscription and an organization can cancel it anytime.

Centralized and Decentralized

One old age IT question used to be: centralized or decentralized? Well, with SaaS you can have the cake the way you like it. It has the ability to offer the decentralized consumption while offering the centralized administration ad governance at the same time. This ability is a boon for organizations which has multiple business units.

No point mentioned here is too important or less important, but these are some of the benefits of using SaaS which can easily save the precious time of the organizations which indeed they desperately need.