7 Tips to Your Instagram Success

7 Tips to Your Instagram Success
April 18 2016

There will hardly be a person on this planet who doesn't know instagram. The platform is rising high, rising quick and is becoming one of the most followed social media platform. The interesting thing about instagram is that while most of the businesses solely rely on Facebook and LinkedIn for marketing instagram happens to be a hidden key of success in online marketing due to its rising popularity. Creating profile and posting photos is only about getting half the work done on Instagram. The key part is to increase the number of followers. Below are some of the best tips for gaining more instagram followers.

Stick to your niche

If you will see you will find that most successful instagram accounts focus only on their niche and post content related to that only. So, it’s best that you find the area that you are passionate about and post everything related to that in simple words go all out on your niche.

Nonstop hours of fabulous content

In order to gain the massive following on Instagram it is essential to post the high quality content on daily basis. You just can’t post randomly once in few days and hope to mass followers. The best advice could be that you start posting once or twice every day and then eventually increase the frequency. Make sure that you are posting high resolution pictures (1080×1080 minimum).

Use captions to motivate and capture

Right captions will get you the followers and will go long way with your account. So choose them wisely and use them to your advantage. Remember that your caption should have following qualities. It must be able to:

  1. Captivate

  2. Motivate

  3. Help users to live your experience through the picture or video.

Use right emojis

You can love them or you can hate them but you cannot deny that they are one hell of a popular form when it comes to communication using text and social media. If you are going to use them then make sure that you can use them correctly. They can substitute the words and allow you to add expressions to the message. A word of caution is that don’t overdo them.

No over postings

Consistency is important when you are posting. Some people are not at all consistent and some are over consistent. Remember that over posting can turn your audience off. Hence, it is important to get your frequency right and stable. Don’t mistake consistency for over posting because that will harm more than doing good.


Hashtags are very important part when you post on instagram but it is important to use the hashtags which are appropriate with the posts which means this is going to be strategic. Studies reveal that three to five hashtags are optimal for social media posting.
Recommendation here is to use two word hashtags which have fewer posts associated with them which eventually will increase the chances of your post to view by people.

Create positive community

Positivity is the key to success in Instagram world. In order to gain more followers it is important to create a positive community where followers can post and can communicate not only with you but with other followers as well. Also, be proactive in deleting and banning any negative comment on the account in order to foster a harmonious community.

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