Big Data: Transforming lives

May 27 2014

Ever thought of how your mood status or a changed profile picture was easy to store? How about the comments of your friends, how have they been getting stored? Moreover, did you ever think of the data that is million the size of the existing online users? How is this manageable?

big data

So let us hit the dart. Big Data has become a 21st Century electricity. It is the power that can change anything it laid its hands on. From private business to the government, Big Data can revolutionize any business in an eye’s blink.

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to the describing of the exponential development and accessibility of the structured as well as the unstructured data. This is a booming thing for the business as well as the social cause. From national to an international level, Big Data has become the next big thing. But the question is “How”?

The Fueling of Big Data: Boom of the 21st century

We come across new data each day. The expansion of new data that is exceeding per millisecond is now in a state to explode. It is important for us to analyze the large data because of the increasing competition. With the help of Big Data, one can easily learn to juggle. From the leaders of every sector to the data oriented managers, this is going to be a key thing to create new waves in terms of growth and productivity. If we analyze the booming of the social media, the organization keeping a tab of minute info or even the information on the internet, we witness a fueling growth for the predictable future.

Big Data: Transforming lives

The next generation revolution is to re-define the business sector of the private and the public. It is all about harnessing the data power in order to increase the options as that of banking, share market, finance and a lot of other sectors. It is to make the data efficient yet responsive.

Why Big Data?

  • Big Data as discussed earlier has been a transforming tool in our lives. If we start with the government sector, it can be helpful in various services such as public safety, garbage removal and recycling, maintaining the streets, etc.

  • Another sector could be the banking sector. Big Data can be helpful when it comes to the structuring of the information sets. Earlier much attention was not given to structuring the unstructured data. But the booming of Big Data has changed the thought process.

  • Thus, big data can help us to change the critical policies in order to reduce the customer complaints or work on their necessities, etc.

Why does it Matter?

  • Helps to hire as well as nurture the staff who understand the business as well as the data

  • Critical data investment capabilities.

  • Easy alignment of business strategies and data effort.

  • The usage of data an important aspect.

  • Data results can only be implemented when the company is open.

  • Usage of the big data by the companies is just the beginning. Since, technology is pushing the bulk of data it is contributing to the society to progress.

Big Analysis

When you make big decisions in terms of business, do not abide by your instincts solely. This counts to be among the most common mistakes that is done by the small businesses.

Because of the small business owners being tied up with work, they generally do not collect the data and do not take up any right kind of a business forecast for the development and growth of their organization.

The most common errors made by the business analysts that can cast a doom spell for their businesses are as follows:-

  • High Turnover

  • One Revenue Stream

  • Painful Growth

Big Analysis Basics

Business analysis is an amalgamation of project management, data collection as well as business intelligence. Yet, all of this makes it to be time consuming.

If you’re a small business firm you need not worry on things like that of Prince2, Scrum, SQL etc. leave the date analysis on your business analysts who are working for the big firms. The truth is that anyone can use these analyses to form a dynamic business model for the market purpose.

Please note, that business analytics are not your assessment on your current business model. It is also about taking the efficient assistance from those analytics when it comes to the changing business in the markets.