Best Practices in E-Commerce Industry

May 22 2014

E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce has become a valuable term for many of us. We hear the term almost on a daily basis.

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What is E-Commerce?

Let us explore a little about E-commerce.  The term signifies the transactions that take place on the internet. When you are in an E-commerce business, the first thing that you must keep in mind is that your website has to be user-friendly. It should be loaded with adequate content and also the purchasing process must be a pleasing experience for the consumer. The listed are among the best E-commerce practices that you ought to integrate

Be the King of Content

The primary aspect of your webpage is the Content. Your webpage must be able to communicate to its audiences by delivering them adequate information. Know that one such content master,  For more traffic generation to your web page, make sure that your product descriptions are thorough. Also, the main prospect is the keyword inclusion and the phrases. This all makes it easy for the consumer to search for their favourite products. And undoubtedly they would love to come back to your website again.

Uniqueness is the Key to the Consumers heart

To start with an online business is the most challenging. Why will anyone purchase anything from you when they can easily lay their hands directly on Victoria’s Secret? The answer is simple, be unique. You must study your competitor and figure out what you can include to make the website better. It could be special sales, freebies, personalized accounts, contests etc. if you wish to see the uniqueness, surf Indeed all of this has certain risks involved, but it can easily help you to build a strong customer base and create a win-win situation in terms of sales.

Be a Social Butterfly

Virtual world is your business, so the target has to be among the virtual. Starting with a Twitter handle can help you to interact directly with your target audiences. Also, you will be able to collect feedback from customers who are happy with your services. Check the social expert’s Your TG can be your easy hit to make your website a “brand”. Remember, your target audiences are your true brand ambassadors. Another social platform, Facebook page, is useful to give away incentives to your clients who are new to your page. The real butterfly is one who addresses negative comments swiftly. Do that to build your brand value.

Whale the TG via Website Design: KISS

Keep it Simple Silly. No matter how good your website design is, if it is hard in terms of navigation, chances are heavier to lose your clientele. Add easy-to-find buttons like that “Add to Cart” or “Buy”. Drop down menu is another feature to be easy to find. Colour variation is a must. One such website is When your clientele is going through your page, all they need is simplicity with options. So, Keep it Simple Silly!

Entice the Up-selling process

Clicking on a particular product, your customer can be presented with more options with headings like, “customers who bought this item also bought” or maybe you can also use short headings like “you might also like”. Another option is to offer them the products that are required to install or use the product, For E.g., a charger. You can also bundle up the products. This will help your customer to buy more and spend less. The enticing king is Let them know you want them to “Save”.


An E-Commerce website comprises numerous pages and is similar to offline stores where customers surf more and more products each day.  More the hits on the product or the page more the chances are of sales conversion. So, one of the key aspects is the browsing or the arranging of the products.

Moreover, a customer likes to visit as many pages as he can in a limited period of time. For that purpose, one must not compromise on any aspect and must select the best hosting services for the business.

There are many factors to take into consideration when you’re planning for the best E-commerce practices for your webpage.  It’s important to keep in mind that getting success for your E-commerce store is harder than you think.

Do not rouse on quick decisions, go slow!

Remember, your brand name is your expertise. Thus, it is much more sensible to procure the services of an agency for your brand, which can make the most out of your Brand name in the social space.

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