Customer Tracking Technology

July 25 2013

Online stores are getting more and more popularity amongst customers, and their safety is a big reason behind it. This has given a feel of insecurity to the brick-and-mortar stores as they are losing the grip. Now, to match-up with the pace of online stores, real world stores too have applied a new technique to improve their safety. And this is done with the collaboration with the customer’s cell phone.

Most of the stores out there use video cameras to record the activities of the customers, but it is indeed an outdated technique. Going one step ahead, the stores started tracking the customers with their cell phone network, and when the customer reaches to the store’s WiFi system. Alongside, the stores also keep the track of returning visitors by their smartphones.

The technology has a great importance from a merchandise point-of-view. They can now identify the customer’s interest, the time they spent in the store or the departments they more likely to visit. On the other hand, the customer’s too are getting handier with it, as the stores have started identifying them and their interest, and started serving accordingly.

While purchasing online, we notice many times that the customers get quick response for their desired items, if they are regular customers of the store. The new technology will help store owners to win the trust of the customers, or even by offering them few other items by identifying their interest. There are some concerns from the customer’s side, but the technology is in its starting phase and it will get customer’s trust for sure.

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