How Switching to Magento 2 will Enhance the Business Agility and Productivity?

How Switching to Magento 2 will Enhance the Business Agility and Productivity?
January 20 2017

Already using Magneto? Then get ready to love it more as with the endless benefits of Magneto 2, your transitions will go easier only. This new version of the e-commerce platform is available in both the community and enterprise versions. It offers a range of tools that address all of your SEO, marketing, and catalogue management needs. It is more safe and quick than before. Magneto 2 is compatible with PHP7 and HHVM and is a boon to the e-commerce environment with its scalability and user-friendliness. The look and functionality of your business website become way simpler with it. But the initial process of switching to Magneto 2 is not child’s play. It requires careful planning wherein the Magneto-trained experts provide assistance in upgrading the software.

Further, this is how it enhances business agility and productivity

  1. Improved Performance:

    It has reduced the loading time of catalogues or pages, making customers happy with their online shopping. It can easily support 250,000 orders and 2 million page views per hour. Thus, with 50% faster speed and extensive scalability, the performance is simply brilliant.

  2. Adaptability:

    It has unparalleled flexibility with the backing of modern technologies, where all different platforms easily get pally with it.

  3. Quality Extensions:

    Magneto 2 itself reorganize and monitor the market where the extension quality standards have been improved. It permits better quality codes and thus shrugs off your worry of a fake module.

  4. Better Checkout Process:

    With Magneto 2 checkout, the guest checkout is assumed. Existing customers can easily log out without worrying about remembering the password. Vexing things like choosing the card type and all are also removed. Its new design supports the effortless creation of sites for any-time and anywhere sales. It offers improved conversion rates and one-click creation of customers’ profiles.

  5. Improved Video Integration:

    Forget the efforts and time needed to integrate a video on the product pages or the fear of bugs and errors in customization. Now, with Magneto 2, you just have to add the link to your video, description of fields, and title. The video will easily pop up on the main page. The preview images can also be personalized and hence nice visuals come up without any obstruction to the performance of the site.

  6. Cost Effective:

    If you are wondering how is it cost-effective? Then let me tell you that creating it all again on Magneto 2 does not require much time and in today’s time, every minute saved is like a penny earned. So, ultimately its money earned when developers take less time and less hardware.

With all these, undoubtedly, this software is like a revolution in the e-commerce business where the merchants have reasons to feel happy because they can scale up the growth efficiently without increasing the manpower or cost and the customers can enjoy the smooth, continuous, and personalized experience of shopping across the globe and on any device.

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