What Design Tips Inspire Extended App Usage with Best Mobile App Developer India?

What Design Tips Inspire Extended App  Usage with Best Mobile App Developer India?
August 19 2016

Modern app design and development is riddled with its own set of challenges. And when it comes to mobile app development the stakes can get even higher and demanding. Essentially, for the mobile apps development company India, apps should have something extra that entices and makes target audiences even want to linger and enjoy using them over longer sustained periods of time which makes their attraction or stickiness the premium goal. However, for many browsers the idea and word Stickiness doesn’t resonate with anything about mobile apps. The best interpretation is encouraging users to stay engaged and longer while operating their digital devices.

Therefore, designing mobile app stickiness means seamless functionality and simplicity. Given the challenging and tough task to capture all mobile user’s attention and keep it, what are the fundamental and best ways to design mobile apps that inspire stickiness. Given that most users don’t use apps over a sustained period of time from download date its estimated to last to only 30 days.Importantly, how can new age mobile app designers inspire app users on digital devices to stick with their apps a little while longer? How can mobile app designers make happy, engaged and committed app users that stick with their apps over a lengthy satisfied period of time? These few steps and strategies in Mobile App Design can truly inspire mobile app users to stick with their apps for a while longer.

Tips for Modern App Designers Attempting to Make Mobile Apps More Attractive and Sticky

  1. Crisp and Clear Functionality: when mobile apps adopt the usage of the most common and familiar visual metaphors and usual behavioural patterns they instantly connect with the audience’s love for easy-to-adapt and adopt mobile apps.
  2. Easy Language to Understand: with less functional incongruities and higher clear calls to action there is always potential that the app motivates users as opposed to irritating them.
  3. Immediate Satisfaction: give a sense of steady liberty to survey and control in order ch the full workflow goal as fast as possible.
  4. Higher Levels of Performance: this means reducing loading time and making users see a better-designed workflow removing delays.
  5. Impressive Attractions: when users are given small and delightful mobile app interactions they impress and delight users. Although not functionally essential, they add a better user experience.
  6. Unique User Value Proposition (USP): when asking for information about the user, offer a positive exchange in functionality.
  7. Clear Design Interface: remove any perceived barriers between users and apps content. When app interfaces achieve fine levels of transparency, user interfaces start to disappear for users.
  8. Simplicity of Navigation: have flows that require basic 1-2 touches to get to important content since anything beyond this makes users give up.
  9. Compliment Actions: if users finish important actions make give appealing visual, auditory or tangible replies to confirm achievement.
  10. Message Alerts & Notifications: create a situation requiring opening the mobile app and taking action. This requires caution in both tone and frequency as frequent alerts or notifications may make users uninstall it.

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