Will 2017 Be the Year of the Cloud-Based Websites & Mobile Apps?

Will 2017 Be the Year of the Cloud-Based Websites & Mobile Apps?
November 25 2016

2016 was a year of breakthrough technologies in the IT world. While virus attacks vandalized users’ data, cloud backup technologies proved to be a savior. Now, as 2017 is emerging, so are the security tools and anti-viruses shooting up in number. But the real question is that will any of these stay secure throughout this year or no? Where cloud-based technology is concerned, 2017 is entirely dedicated to it. We have cloud-based websites and mobile apps already on the web and online mobile stores. This technology started way back. But since hackers’ paradise is all about attacking users’ data, and since data is overflowing with no space left on external devices and PCs, we can bet that 2017 will for sure be the year of cloud-based websites and mobile apps. Here why:

Reduced app size:

Thanks to cloud support now developers can keep the actual size of their mobile apps small. There’s no local storage of data on devices like Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows. All data is stored in the cloud which is highly encrypted. This cloud-support technology lets developers manage and reduce bandwidth usage and optimization of memory usage. This is actually important while considering the growing usage of smart devices and other wearables.


With cloud compatibility, developers can build apps with the same features across all major platforms. These apps can be used on any device, anywhere and on any platform. iOS and Mac OS X can be spotted with cross-functionality already. Android and PCs are already in the suit. With so much flexibility of data, without a doubt 2017 will be dedicated to cloud-based websites and mobile apps.

Better security:

Security is now a major concern especially when data is being tampered with or hacked. With the news ticking haunted headlines like “Ransomware attack! Data lost FOREVER”, “Data hacked. Pay millions to recover” etc., new encryption techniques are being built that are impossible to crack. Cloud-based technology is much safer than local storage of data. With local storage, there are chances that your data can be tampered with or hacked in the dirtiest way. Encryption techniques like AES-256 and others are a proven threat to hackers which is why they are being used in cloud computing.

Data storage forever:

This is one big reason why cloud-based websites and apps will take a big leap in 2017. If you store your data on any local device such as a pen drive or external hard disk, there is a high chance that your data can get corrupted or can be attacked by deadly viruses. If you store your data on the cloud, you can access it forever on any website, app or software on any platform. Isn’t it flexible enough? It’s not just your data, but you can also access and resume your favourite games from where you last paused them.

With so many data loss and data theft cases reported in 2016, 2017 will surely be the year of cloud-based websites and apps !

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