The Essential Elements of a Great Mobile App

Tablet, Fablet and Smartphones have become so popular and an essential part of our daily lives that it is hard to imagine a single day without them. One of the recent surveys has revealed that more than half of the world population were of a reaction that “I shall Die” upon being asked, “How would you feel if you lose your Tablet, Smartphone or Both?”

Elements of a Great Mobile App

Be it your gadgets being so powerful, but there is no denying the fact that they are really powerless without your mobile applications. In simple words, apps are the nucleus of smartphones in this technology-oriented world. But do keep in mind that many of the apps fail to touch the sky limit procuring praise or popularity among the users. Now the question is, what sets your smartphone apps to be different among the kinds?

<Great Mobile App

Pretty SIMPLE! We’ve got five essential elements which will help your mobile application development to be among the best ones. So what could be these elements? Come, let’s discover it below:-

Consistency in Performance

When we are judging on the basis of performance, it is important for every mobile app to be among the “Great leading Consistency” board of apps. A most important point to be noted here is that a mobile app is ought to go though the toughest tests even in extreme situations. Thus, it must pass with flying colours, isn’t it? You must have seen a few apps that keep crashing, such apps are not considered to be user-friendly and they have a problem when it comes to the downloading procedure. A perfect app is easy to use, works flawlessly and also consumes less battery.

Quick loading timings

Similar to websites, a good app also demands a quick loading time. An astonishing fact you must remember is that cell phone users are not among the patient people. Thus, it is important for you to ensure that the loading time of the app must not more than five seconds. Just in case your app is a little complex, make sure that your users are navigated to the “Loading” Screen which shows them the loading path is under process.

The freezing zone

Freezing or crashing of the app while it runs successfully is no less than a disaster. In simple words, no one is going to use your app or download it for a poor user experience. Isn’t it?
Well, if this is an issue with your app, please make sure that you run a secondary thread. In a gist of it, a perfect mobile app is sure of each of the detail regarding the platform it is using to execute.

The Compatibility Agenda

Coming to the fourth essential, each phone has its uniqueness in terms of its platform. Yet it is different in terms of the set of guidelines, features, traits, framework etc. Therefore, a good app must serve the end-users in a smooth manner. In case the app fails, so will the app’s popularity… it will crash too!

The Utility Value

We all are aware that App development is a booming market where something new comes to the platform every now and then. It’s important for you to keep in mind that a perfect app is ought to offer something different and new to its users. Though the app could have a few similarities with its peers, still there could be something extra that can engage the users to make them use it and come back each time. Thus, your app is going to have a good and popular fan base and so will the download hits (increasing).