Google Glass

March 11 2013

The latest kid in the technology world is Google Glass, an app that is capable of identifying people with the clothes, eyeglasses or other accessories they wear. The app is designed with the help of InSight system by Srihari Nelakuditi, associate professor of computer science and engineering at the University of South Carolina, along with three colleagues at Duke University.

How does it work?

It is entirely based upon pictures, which are taken at a particular time. A series of pictures of the person are taken and the app then stores all the pictures in a file known as a spatiogram. The file stores the colours and patterns of the person’s clothes, and other accessories. This combination is later used by Google Glass to identify the person and the name of the person can be then displayed on the Google Glass handset.

There are innumerable systems available in the market that can identify a person with the help of face recognition, but this app stands a step ahead as it will also work if the person is standing at a far distance or have their backs turned and the face can’t be seen. It was recently tested and the results were very appreciating, as the app succeeded to provide a correct answer at 93 percent instances.

One of the main advantages and goals of this app is to identify friends and known people in airports, stadiums or at other crowded areas. There is just one limitation this app has, as it is dependednt upon what a person is currently wearing. As soon as the person changes his clothes, or other accessories, Google Glass is no more able to identify him. It means the app is good for just a day or evening. But it is also a positive edge as it ensures the privacy of the person.

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