Top-5 Tech Innovations of 2015

November 26 2015

The moment we start thinking ‘enough for now’, technology finds a way to sneak into our lives with some bold innovations. In 2014, a remarkably large list of innovations was introduced to the world, right from a furious self-driving car to some groundbreaking apps. Now in 2015, the tech-world has something superior in its bag. Here are top five picks for 2015 – innovations that changed the world.

Top-5 Tech Innovations of 2015

1. Tesla Autopilot

Cutting-edge software that converts your Model S into an autonomous car, the Tesla Autopilot is groundbreaking for a few reasons. Most important being – it’s actually available and it costs mere $2,500. However, YouTubers have already shown it can be dangerous, with some people complaining it’s not as good as the Google Car. I agree, but can you actually afford the Google Car? No. So think about the lighter version.

2. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper made into this list not only because it’s a tough competition for Google Docs, but also because it allows you to collaborate on code snippets. In fact, Paper is so clean and user-friendly interface that it catches your eyes right away. Introduced by a company that desires to be something more than just a file storage space, DropBox Paper can be the next big thing in the industry.

3. Facebook M

Facebook M, an advanced application to combine Al and real-world people is the latest talk in Silicon Valley. Let’s understand the tool this way – when you chat with your online friend and speak about an action, Facebook M is there to execute it in the real world. If you mention booking a venue for your dinner or looking out for a parking spot, Facebook M will do it for you. Hopefully, the robot will soon start answering your emails.

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4. Amazon Prime Now

You may call it an app or you may call it a self-driving car, but Amazon Prime Now will help you with many of your real-world tasks. You order anything on Amazon, starting from a cake to a computer, and Prime Now will pick it up from a warehouse located in the Twin Cities and will deliver it to your doorstep. How to make fast deliveries faster should be learnt from Amazon.

5. Microsoft Surface Book

Need a laptop or need a tablet – buy something that combines these two. Microsoft Surface Book is all about the same. A great combination of a laptop and a tablet serves the roles of both in the best possible way. When you use it, you will surely find it’s the best laptop introduced in a long time.

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