How to Grow Facebook Following for your Small-Business?

December 18 2014

You may create a strong marketing strategy for your business, but are you an effective Facebook marketer too.

Facebook is a home to about 30 million active small-business pages which makes it quite challenging for a newcomer to get noticed on this popular social media platform. So, here are some of the most creative and perfectly authorized methods to generate a great Facebook following that convert likes into sales too. Let’s look at them one by one.

facebook following

Make your Facebook page home

Once you are done with creating a comprehensive business page, request for a personalized web address and promote your page across other social media profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. You may also show your Facebook presence via printed marketing collaterals like business cards, explicitly highlighting that You’re on Facebook!

Assess your advertising efforts

You can manage simultaneous marketing campaigns through your admin panel, or the Adverts Create Tool, and that too on your budget. The fundamental benefit of Facebook advertising is that it helps tracking the customers’ responses in real figures. By examining what works and what not, you can mould your efforts to generate best results.

Facebook Graph search

Facebook Graph Search is indeed a secret weapon for you. Suppose one of your fans is at the center of a spider web; graph search will empower you to gather more information related to them such as the other pages they have liked. This information, in turn, will lead you to other like-minded individuals you may target. It’s an ingenious way to extend your online reach.

Place the Facebook “Like” button

Try to add the “Like” button wherever possible. You don’t have to be a coding whizz to embed a “Like” button on your website. There are chances that a visitor coming to your site may be logged into Facebook , and may get inclined to click on the like button. If he/she does so, you earn a hassle-free fan; just like that.

Run a unified social media campaign

It’s really important to unite your channels. Prefer to keep all of your social-media accounts on the same digital page via enabling the integration feature. This allows you to post an image on Instagram that will automatically get shared on your Twitter account. This saves a lot of your effort.

Give VIP treatment

You can make the way for new likes with real incentives. Suppose a food restaurant may reveal the locations of their free takeaways through their Facebook status updates. This will readily drive traffic to their business page. Of course, who will pass up a free lunch?

Form alliances

Try to find businesses with complimentary offerings to yours and that owns the same amount of likes. Approach them with a convincing offer to cross promote your businesses. It can be a joint offer, a competition or just a mention. It’s one of the most efficient and simplest ways to double your following.

Talk the talk

Facebook is a powerful platform that enables you to connect to your customers above and beyond a 140-character tweet or an Instagram shot. Facebook Pages help businesses engage in detailed discussions with their potential audience and generate direct advertising.

Be a source

Content marketing is witnessing a genuine boom, with about 86% of the B2B marketers adopting it to promote their businesses. Try to publish factual and engaging articles approximately 5 times a day via your Facebook Page. This will position your brand as a real source of information, thereby securing a huge fan following.

Link to your personal profile

Requesting likes from your friends for your new business venture seldom yields a good response. A better approach is to link your every employee to your business page and let them mention it under their “Work and Education” section. Also, re-sharing content from your business page to your wall may attract substantial number of likes.

The above techniques suggest a foolproof way to enhance your Facebook presence and increase your fan following. All you need is to be a bit smart when it comes to social media marketing.